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Tourist Places in Umluj

Written by Basant Fawzi

Tourist Places in Umluj

The city of Umluj within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is that the second largest commercial city after Mecca, and it had been called Al-Hawra thanks to its beautiful landscapes and views of the sea.
The Duqm Corniche is additionally one in all the foremost beautiful tourist destinations in Umluj.

Umluj City Website

The Saudi city of Umluj is found within the northwest of the dominion of Asian country, 150 kilometers north of Yanbu.
Umluj overlooks the Red Sea, and tourism in Asian nation is characterized by its unpolluted blue and green waters.
The surrounding soft beaches, with tropical palm trees fed by fountain water.
The diversity and quantity of marine life that visitors see when diving on its shores fascinates visitors, as there are quite 1,200 fish.
Many coral reefs, many species of turtles and dugongs.

Climate in Umluj

You can enjoy traveling in Umluj all year round, because of its pleasant weather all year round.
The temperature ranges from 14 to 37 degrees Celsius.
It reaches 40 degrees Celsius most of the time, but Umluj lacks rainfall.

Tourism in Umluj

Umluj Reserve

You can visit many vast nature reserves.
A paradise for wildlife and migratory birds.
It is also one in all the most effective nature reserves, the character reserve of Tabaq, and also the stifling of wildlife.

Historical Monuments in Umluj

Many historical monuments are discovered in Umluj, like Mada’in Saleh, and tombs dating back to the Bronze Age.
And 131 Nabatean tombs carved on the rock, and plenty of human graves.
Animal reliefs and cave paintings.

Water Sports in Umluj

You can practice water sports, like snorkeling within the sea.
And discover marine life, like green turtles and dolphins.
As well as quite 1200 species of marine organisms, and over 300 differing kinds of coral reefs.

Umluj Islands

Visit an island within the city of Umluj. The island also contains about 100 islands, or spotting dolphins. Or snorkeling and fishing, or relaxing on the beach and riding a ship.

Watch Migratory Birds From Umluj

Cranes, white-tailed birds of the islands of Ataweel and Umm Sahar.
Also a walking tour of the Duke’s Corniche, which is one in all the foremost beautiful tourist attractions in Umluj.
Because it contains large green spaces and a rest stop overlooking the ocean.
Also, visit the port of Umluj and take a stroll along its beach along with your family.
In addition to visiting the archaeological site of Al-Gabbaya in Umluj, and also the archaeological site of the traditional city of Al-Hawra mentioned in one in all the traditional pilgrimages.
As well as visiting the old Emirate Palace, which dates back to 1954 AD, and which was the seat of the ruler of the Emirate of Amraj until 1975.
In addition to a stroll within the old town of Umluj, especially the old market where there are traditional goods and souvenirs.

Umluj Hotels and Resorts

1. Beach Bride Hotel For Furnished Units:

Arous Al Shati’ furnished apartments are located on Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Road within the Umluj area. It also offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, and 24-hour front desk service.
Express check-in and check-out services also are available.
All rooms are equipped with air-con, a refrigerator, a kitchenette, and a personal bathroom with a shower or shower and free toiletries.
Room rates start from 354 SAR per night.

2. Royal Tours Resort:

Royal Travel Resort is found in Street 5 of Umluj, additionally to its sea views.
It offers accommodation, a shared lounge, a garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace, yet as a children’s playground. It offers free parking, a 24-hour front desk with concierge service and express check-in/out.
Guests can engage in many activities, including travel, snorkeling, horse riding, diving and fishing.
The average price for an 8-night stay is around 2,920 SAR.

3. Juman Hotel:

Juman Hotel includes the simplest hotels in Umluj, restaurants, a 24-hour fitness center and free Wi-Fi.
Free parking, coffeehouse and room service round the clock.
The 20 rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, coffee and tea service, hair dryer, and a wardrobe.
And a personal bathroom with a tub and free toiletries.
Room rates start from 491 SAR per night.

4. Golden Marina Resort:

Located in Yanbu near Umluj, Golden Marina Resort provides free WiFi, a garden and barbecue facilities.
A 24-hour front desk, free parking, and a breakfast.
The 58 rooms feature a flat-screen TV, with satellite channels and free Wi-Fi. An board and a non-public bathroom with bathtub and free toiletries. Room rates start from 2,224 SAR per night.

Umluj Beaches

Umluj Beach is that the most beautiful and famous beach within the Kingdom of Asian country, where it’s crowded with tourists and fishing boats.
It also includes many islands with soft white sandy beaches, diverse wildlife and views of the mountains and plains.
Ras Al Shabaan Beach is a perfect place for picnics within the summer, because it allows visitors to camp and relax on the soft white sand.
Snorkeling and diving in coral reefs.
Duqm Beach includes many camps and beach huts, additionally to the Corniche area.
There are large green spaces decorated with palm trees and trails for jogging and walking.
Al-Asdaf Beach is found within the Al-Murjan area on King Abdulaziz Road, and includes many cabins and resorts.
It provides all entertainment services for families and individuals.

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