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Tourist Places in Limassol, Cyprus

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Tourist places in Limassol, Cyprus

Tourist places in Limassol Cyprus, Limassol Cyprus is considered one of the most important regions of Cyprus and it’s one of the largest metropolises in it after Nicosia, the capital, and it’s considered one of the stylish sightseer areas in Europe.

Climate Limassol Cyprus

Limassol Cyprus has a mild to moderate climate in summer and downtime.

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It’s located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, framed to the north by Turkey and to the east by Lebanon. It’s considered the link between Palestine and Europe. Its population reaches further than,000 people, utmost of whom profess the Orthodox Christian religion. Its area is about 40 square kilometers.

Frugality of The Megacity of Limassol, Cyprus

The frugality of Limassol Cyprus is due to its dependence on tourism, maritime trade and light assiduity. Agriculture participates in the frugality of Limassol Cyprus by a small chance, but it doesn’t have any air services because it doesn’t have airfields, and Larnaca Airport is the closest to it.

The frugality of Limassol Cyprus contains a number of transnational companies and original companies, as Limassol Cyprus is the fiscal center of Cyprus.

girdled by a large number of hospices, caffs and entertainment venues, the megacity also has galleries and archaeological spots.

Tourist Places in Limassol, Cyprus

Archaeological Museum

It contains numerous effects that were discovered dating back to the Stone Age, and before it, and some of them date back to the early intricate period.

The gallery contains three apartments for exhibitions, and there are coins, ivory, jewelry and statues dating back to the end of the Citation Age, as well as an ancient collection that shows the religious culture of Cyprus

Form Theater

The Sculpture Garden in Limassol, Cyprus, is represented by a façade that includes sixteen statues of a number of sculptors from Cyprus and Greece. The Sculpture Garden is one of the most beautiful sightseer lodestones in Limassol, Cyprus, and the largest auditoriums in it.

Water Demesne

It’s called Valsouri Watermania, and it’s considered one of the places that should be visited in Limassol, Cyprus, as it contains swimming pools with a large area, and it’s considered the largest in the mainland of Europe and the most distinguished.

Limassol Castle

It dates back to the tenth century announcement, when the Banquettes used it as a guard against their adversaries, and in 1987 announcement it was assigned to the Cypriot Antiquities Authority.

Limassol Castle is considered one of the most beautiful sightseer places in Limassol, Cyprus, and the castle now contains a gallery for excursionists, and the gallery contains an exhibition of crockery and jewelry, monuments, puppets, and others.

Traces of Amatos

Amatos is an ancient and ancient area, and the remains in it date back to the time 1100 BC, and being one of the ancient fiefdoms, the most notorious of which is visited by excursionists and callers, in large figures every time. maybe the attachment of the bones of its period over the periods highlights its age, and indicates the ambrosial history of it.

Kolossi Castle

This castle is one of the oldest and most important milestones of Limassol, Cyprus, which has been suitable to maintain its structure and shape over the times, and a symbol of the vill of Kolossi.
It contains a number of distinctive monuments, and the structure used to carry out workshop for the product of sugar from sugar club. It was a Crusader headquarters or fort, and the structure is located to the south of the vill. It was erected by Frankish dogfaces when King Hugh I possessed it in 1454 announcement.
Its area is 21 square measures as a base, and it consists of 3 bottoms.

Kourion City

It’s considered one of the fascinating sightseer places in Limassol, Cyprus, dating back to the twelfth century BC

It’s considered one of the seductive metropolises, and the most seductive for excursionists throughout the Mediterranean because of its ancient and rare vestiges. It also has a theater dating back to the Greek period and overlooks sightseer places that capture hearts.

It has shops and a wide range of water sports, and it contains auditoriums for the public and several statues of Najati from different countries, including Egypt and Germany.

Grand Resort

It’s a luxurious resort that includes auditoriums , caffs , gym centers, swimming pools, and distinctive places to stay. The resort has entered a veritably good standing from callers, due to the quality of service and the position of its staff.

Saint Raphael Resort

It’s located on the sand of the megacity of Limassol, Cyprus, where it provides the caller with a service represented by, 2 swimming pools, and the apartments have air exertion, and they’ve awful views of the Mediterranean Sea and Wi- Fi as well.

The Most important Hospices in Limassol, Cyprus

Elissa Exchange hostel

It has a unique position, as it’s located in the center of Limassol, Cyprus, and there are beautiful auditoriums around it that beautify the hostel, and the hostel apartments are veritably elegant with sundecks overlooking the pools or overlooking the megacity of Limassol.

It has fitness clubs and caffs with succulent transnational cookery at a high position, and this isn’t the out-of-door swimming pool, and this hostel is considered the stylish recommended hostel for honeymooners.

Mediterranean Beach Hotel

It’s one of the best erected hospices in Limassol, Cyprus, as it has a position on the Mediterranean sand, offering elegant apartments with a awful view.

The hostel reviews are veritably good due to the quality of service handed to guests. The hostel includes several caffs and an intertwined health center, and offers live shows for entertainment.

Crowne Plaza Limassol Hotel

Plaza Hotel Limassol is located 2 km from the center of the major megacity of Limassol, Cyprus

The hostel is on its own sand, and the apartments have seductive ocean views and two swimming pools.

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