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Tourism In Turkey

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Tourism In Turkey

Turkey may be a distinct geographical and cultural mixture that mixes two continents, from the southeast it follows Europe, and from the western side it follows Asia.

Turkey contains a long history dating back to the time period through the Byzantine, Roman and Greek eras to the Ottoman era, with a beautiful coastal nature because of its view of 4 main coasts, the Mediterranean coast, tourism in Turkey the Euxine Sea, the ocean of ​​Marmara, and therefore the Aegean, which makes tourism in Turkey An activity with a special luster that contains over what’s being told about, as you may notice with us.

One of the most important features of tourism in Turkey is the diversity of its features that meet the needs of all tourists, and when we say the diversity of tourism in Turkey, we mean here recreational, religious and therapeutic tourism as well.after you wander round the cities of Turkey, you may find Ottoman mosques spread everywhere beside Roman castles, Byzantine churches and Greek buildings during a wondrous harmony.

In 2017, Turkey was ranked among the world’s most tasty countries for tourism, attracting 30 million tourists that year. it’s one in all the countries most preferred by Arab travelers particularly.

Tourism in Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Istanbul is one amongst the foremost important and largest cities in Turkey and one amongst the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey and one amongst the foremost famous cities within the world as a full, due to the range of its tourist attractions that satisfy all tastes. the attractive city is teeming with an oversized number of attractions and landmarks, including religious ones like mosques and churches, historical ones like museums and palaces, additionally as cruises across the famous Bosphorus Strait, which brings calm and relaxation.

The most important landmarks of Istanbul:

Religious monuments in Istanbul

Istanbul includes a bunch of archaeological religious monuments with a protracted history that’s classified mutually of the sources of tourism attraction in Turkey, like the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, referred to as the Blue Mosque, which dates back to the start of the 17th century, the Suleymaniye Mosque, which dates back to the 16th century and is characterized by its gardens and balconies overlooking the Golden Horn, one amongst the foremost important sewers The waterfall within the city resulting in the Bosphorus, Nuruzmaniye Mosque, which contains a huge dome that catches the attention within the Ottoman art form, Chora Church dating back to the 16th century.

Bosphorus Strait

One of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey and sources of tourism attraction to Istanbul due to its fame because the most significant waterway and navigation within the ancient city, where you’ll be able to enjoy an unparalleled boat cruise.

Girl’s tower

It is a famous high-rise tower within the middle of atiny low island at the doorway to the south of the Bosphorus. It dates back to the age of the Byzantine state in Istanbul and is linked to ancient legends that are still common to the current day. Today, the tower with the waters of the Bosphorus represents a beautiful view for visitors to the coast of Iskudar, where there are wooden seats on the bank in an unparalleled atmosphere for anyone searching for moments of calm, tranquility and recreation, while the tower itself includes a restaurant on its story and a cafeteria on its last floor overlooking the enchanting water scene.

Istanbul Museums

Hagia Sophia Museum

Istanbul includes a gaggle of ancient museums that narrate its history throughout the ages, the foremost famous of which is that the Hagia Sophia, which was an ancient Roman Catholic Church before the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror converted it into a mosque to later become a museum during the 1950s and join the UNESCO list of heritage sites within the 1980s.

Archeology museums that provide a glimpse into the history of the town and its ancient monuments, and therefore the place incorporates a wonderful garden. The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, whose collections of glassware, carpets and ceramics provide a glimpse into the character of Ottoman Islamic art over several eras. On the contrary, the collections of the famous Istanbul Museum of recent Art come from Riverside, which showcases the foremost important features of Turkish and international art altogether its forms, including cinema.

Constantinople walls

It is a bunch of stone defensive walls that wrap around old Istanbul or what was previously referred to as Constantinople. it had been established within the era of the Romans to be an fortified shield to safeguard the town by land and sea and continued to perform its defensive role over many centuries. Now the walls of Constantinople play another role in concert of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey, which attracts the eye of lots of tourists coming to Istanbul to enjoy the creativity of its construction.

Taksim Square

One of the simplest tourist places in Turkey for lovers of nightlife and nightlife. The square comes alive for twenty-four hours through its restaurants and bars overlooking the Bosphorus that are spread everywhere. The square also provides an excellent opportunity to require a historical and entertaining tour among dozens of ancient buildings, the foremost important of which is that the memorial, and to go to the foremost important modern shopping centers, cinemas, and antiques and gift shops.

Tourism in Trabzon

Sultan Murad Heights

Trabzon, which is found within the east of the Turkish capital, is one in all Turkey’s best cities and therefore the most engaging attraction for tourists in Turkey. it’s a beautiful tourist resort that contains a rural character and is adorned with stunning nature scenes that appear within the dense forests that cover the heights, clear water channels and waterfalls.

The most important landmarks of Trabzon:

Sultan Murad Heights

One of the foremost beautiful places in Turkey throughout the seasons. In summer and spring, you see high mountains that are green, and in winter their peaks are decorated with snow, which makes it a good opportunity for lovers of climbing, where the clouds below you and therefore the free sky above. The Murad Heights, located to the west of town, gain its fame from being the place where the Ottoman Sultan and his army prayed Friday prayers while strolling back from the conquests of Iran.

Lake Sera Gol

One of the foremost beautiful things that your eyes can see during tourism in Turkey, where you’ll take your family on a ship cruise amid the heights covered with evergreen pastures, where water flows through the rocks, while seeing a gaggle of untamed animals and distinctive fish.

The lake water is characterized by a transparent green color that expresses the character around it, then sit under the shade of the luxurious trees or eat what you prefer in one amongst the restaurants or cafes overlooking the attractive lake.

Hyder Nabi Resort

One of the foremost beautiful places in Turkey that you simply must visit once you visit Trabzon, where Capitol Hill resort is just 35 km from town. The resort provides you with great opportunities to require the foremost beautiful pictures of the fish lakes, and also the scenes of clouds that touch the green tops of the heights, and it also provides you with distinctive Turkish meals in its restaurants, furthermore as delicious Turkish tea in its cafes.

Chal Cave

One of the simplest tourist places in Turkey for those stricken by respiratory diseases, because the cave enjoys clean air that helps heal such diseases.

This is additionally to the wonder of its stone formations carved to a depth of quite 8 km inside the mountains, making it one in every of the longest caves within the world, and maybe that’s the explanation for its fame. The cave also includes alittle cafe overlooking the pools of water that flow in its floors during a wonderful view.

Ataturk’s Palace

One of the foremost important and famous tourist attractions in Turkey, the palace is characterized by its bright white color, its wide flowering gardens and its valuable antiques dating back to the 18th century.

Tourism in Antalya

Hadrian’s Gate

Antalya is one in every of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey for those trying to find recreation and tranquility on the beaches and bays of the clear sea, with an experience of unprecedented adventures on the peaks of the heights, and a visit to historical landmarks dating back to the oldest eras of Turkey, and also the city offers its visitors unparalleled spiritual feelings through its impressive ancient mosques The architecture.

The most important landmarks of Antalya:

Hadrian’s Gate

One of the most effective tourist places in Turkey for lovers of learning about the traditional history of the country, which dates back within the image of this ancient gate to the age of the Romans, specifically the year 130 AD, where the traditional gate was established in memory of Emperor Hadrian.

Ancient mosques of Antalya

Yvli Minaret Mosque and tower

The mosques in Antalya are among the symbols of the tourist areas in Turkey, which magnetize the eye of tourists with the sweetness and distinction of their architecture. the foremost famous and oldest of all is that the Yevli Minaret Mosque, which dates back to the Seljuk era, Sultan Mehmet Tekli Mosque, Murad Pasha Mosque, the famous Ottoman minister.

Old City

Known in Turkish culture as Kaleiçi, it’s an excellent opportunity for you during tourism in Turkey to mingle with Antalya in its old form with cobbled streets, antique wooden and stone houses, and taking pictures of the famous tower.

Cirali Beach

One of the foremost important tourist areas in Turkey and Antalya particularly, where the recreation and tranquility offered by Cirali Beach with its turquoise waters that tempt you to swim in it, enjoy seeing and photographing the remains of the traditional historical city of Olympus, which incorporates the remains of a Roman temple and a standard bath, and therefore the smell of flowers around you wafts from the river and its small streams surrounding you, Finally, enjoy the majestic Chimera or Yanartas rock formations whose famous flames of eternal fire erupt from their small holes employing a supply of fossil fuel modeled on the Greek myth of the fiery creature of Chimera.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

One of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey together of its largest museums, the good Museum reviews the history of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras in Turkey by displaying dozens of statues, inscriptions and wonderful decorations that characterize every historical era that suffered the country through the 13 halls within the museum.

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