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Tourism in Turkey Part 2

Written by Basant Fawzi

Tourism in Turkey Part 2

Tourism in Ankara

As the Turkish capital, it must occupy the lion’s share of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey by foreign tourists, specifically archaeological and historical tourism, so you may find Ankara rich in archaeological architectural artifacts and art galleries, making it town of art and culture in Turkey, additionally to its uniqueness in producing the foremost delicious Turkish cuisine like kebab, baklava et al. one in all the famous traditional sweets.

The most important landmarks of the town of Ankara:

Kocatepe Mosque

The largest mosque in Ankara within the Ottoman style, and even one among the most important mosques within the world, with a capacity of about 24,000 people to hope, this mosque is known for its high prominent minarets that you simply can see from anywhere within the heart of Ankara.

The castle and also the old quarter

One of the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey and therefore the capital, it’s one among the oldest and greatest forts dating back to the age of Roman and Ottoman rule of the country, likewise because the era of the Seljuk Turks. And after you finish your tour within the great Ankara Castle, don’t forget to require a tour within the old quarter, where the wooden houses that also have the Ottoman style of architecture until this moment, and you’ll be able to also buy one amongst the souvenirs of the crafts and handicrafts that the town is known for from one in every of the shops scattered there .

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

One of the foremost important tourist places in Turkey for each tourist who wants to grasp the history of the country from its oldest eras, like the period of time, through the Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Assyrian eras, all the thanks to the rule of the Seljuks and therefore the Ottomans.

Ataturk Mausoleum

As for the mausoleum of Ataturk, it’s one in every of the foremost important tourist attractions in Turkey by thousands of tourists. it’s a logo of development and contemporary Turkish civilization and also the first republican ruler within the country, Kemal Ataturk Ataturk. The famous mausoleum also appears as “Anit Kabir” in a very magnificent architectural look of limestone, concrete and marble.

Museum of contemporary Art “Sir Modern”

One of the most effective art galleries that you simply can visit during tourism in Turkey, where the paintings and sculptures of the foremost famous local and international artists, additionally to organizing dozens of workshops and cultural and artistic events.

Tourism in Bursa

Bursa is one among the oldest cities in Turkey and one among the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey. Bursa is that the first Ottoman capital, so it had been natural to incorporate an oversized number of monuments and landmarks dating back to the current special era of Turkish history, additionally to the city’s beautiful landscapes. Attractive.

The most important landmarks of Bursa:

Great Mosque of Bursa

Or “Ulu Mosque” and from its name, you’ll conclude that it’s the biggest mosque in Bursa built on the forms of early Ottoman architecture. it had been built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I within the 14th century. it’s characterized by its multiple small domes that reach 20 domes and its two huge minarets, together with inscriptions and wooden or painted decorations that you just decorate it. This mosque isn’t only famous for its architecture and its distinctive “inverted T” layout, but it’s also famous for holding the oldest complete covering of the door of the Holy Kaaba that was designed in Egypt during the Mamluk era.

Green Mosque

One of the oldest tourist attractions in Turkey dating back to the Seljuk era during the 15th century, it absolutely was built after the nice Mosque of Bursa with the identical “inverted T” style. The mosque encompasses a distinctive external architectural design covered with marble, inscriptions and spiritual decorations, while green marble covers the floors of the mausoleum from the within. It also includes the green mausoleum during which the owner of the mosque, “Sultan Muhammad I”, is buried.

It are often said that the good Mosque of Bursa and also the Green Mosque are two architectural masterpieces that adorn Bursa and attract the eye of tourists coming thereto.

Muradia Complex

It is a posh that has an outsized number of buildings, including the tomb of Sultan Murad II within the 15th century, with beautiful architectural design and decorations, and a gaggle of ancient Ottoman tombs for his relatives. It also includes a mosque, a school, and a fountain surrounded by an exquisite park. additionally to the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I, which appears in an exceedingly majestic and impressive view of the turquoise blue tiles within the facade, the Iznik tiles within the interior, and a bunch of holy Qurans.

Bursa Castle

One of the foremost important tourist attractions in Turkey is found in Bursa, where it wont to form the defensive walls of town, but now there are only some of them. the traditional castle is found in Tophane, the oldest district of Bursa, which also includes one among the tallest clock towers in Turkey with a height of 60 floors, additionally to the tombs of Orhan Gazi, the primary founders of the Ottoman Empire.

Uludag Mountains

One of the foremost beautiful tourist areas in Turkey during the winter season for lovers of entertainment and adventure, where the Uludag mountain ranges in Bursa be converted into an open arena for snowboarding, which attracts large numbers of tourists annually.

Bursa villages

Komalikisik Village

The villages of Bursa have an ancient engineering and architectural design dating back to the Ottoman era, which makes it a destination that you just shouldn’t miss during your tourism trip in Turkey. Perhaps one in every of the foremost famous villages of Bursa is “Kumalikisik”, which enjoys its cobbled streets and many Ottoman houses that remain intact within the smallest details until today.

Tourism in Sapanca

Sapanca is one among the tourist cities in Turkey that includes a special taste aloof from the hustle and bustle of major cities like Ankara and Istanbul, or those teeming with the foremost visited tourist attractions in Turkey. The quiet city enjoys a gorgeous and picturesque blue-green nature between lakes and waterfalls, further as green spaces and distinctive wildlife, without being destitute of traces and fingerprints of the distant past.

The most important landmarks of the village of Sapanca:

Sapanca Lake

One of the foremost beautiful places in Turkey for lovers of recreation and tours, where they will roam on foot or on a bicycle along the coast of the clear turquoise lake or among the paths of the nearby hills and mountains covered with greenery and dense forests, while enjoying boat trips or practicing kayaking.

Kozuluk Springs

One of the foremost important tourist attractions in Turkey, which tourists come from everywhere the planet for the aim of recovering from heart and joint diseases, because of its richness in treated mineral elements.

Darija Zoo

Among the tourist places in Turkey that are unique in this they’re the most important gathering of wildlife vocabulary in Turkey altogether its forms within the variety of thousands of local and rare plants, 200 different species of untamed animals and 135 species of rare birds, additionally to fish ponds that include about 19 different species of them .

The village of Maashukia and Mount Kartepe

They are two of the foremost beautiful places in Turkey, specifically east of Kocaeli Bay, where the village, which enjoys an oversized number of waterfalls flowing from the very best mountain peaks to create rivers and streams of wonderful beauty, is an entrance to the Kartepe Glacier, which is one in all the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey during the winter for skiing. Ice and compartment ride at the highest of the mountain, which reaches a height of 1650 m.

Byzantine tombs

It is a gaggle of tombstones dating back to the Byzantine era and similar in structure to carvings of big pillars, then the invention of Byzantine tombs during the seventies and eighties in an intellectual village and along the Sapanca highway.

Tourism in Izmir

Thanks to its view of the sea in western Turkey, Izmir represents a particular coastal destination for its visitors during tourism in Turkey, so don’t miss visiting the Izmirian beaches and its famous port, with its ancient Roman cities and its archaeological treasures and its antique market. additionally to all or any of the above, Izmir will still have lots to supply and tell about its history and also the great thing about its nature.

The most important landmarks of Izmir:

Ephesus ruins

It is an ancient coastal city dating back to the Roman and Greek periods and therefore the periods of the primary spread of Christianity in Turkey. The ruins of the archaeological city, which was included within the UNESCO list of heritage sites in 2015, include the “Greek Temple of Artemis”, one among the Seven Wonders of the planet, the “Roman Library of Kilis”, the “House of mother Mary” dating back to the fifth century, which enjoys high sanctity among Christians and also the interest of individuals of other religions All this made Ephesus one in all the foremost important tourist destinations in Turkey when visiting Izmir.

Konak port

One of the foremost beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey when visiting Izmir, where the quayside provides a beautiful view of the Aegean. it’s worth a tour to enjoy its unique beauty, complemented by another tour of a garden or Izmir Park, only 6 km from the port, and don’t forget the distinctive Izmir tower from your photography. After you finish your tour, you’ll be able to eat a meal of soldier in one in every of the restaurants along the Corniche then visit an easy café for tea or the famous java.

The ancient city of Agora

One of the oldest tourist attractions in Turkey within the heart of Izmir when it had been called Agora or Smyrna within the fourth century BC, and therefore the ancient city was completely destroyed by earthquakes before it absolutely was renovated within the era of the Romans so its effects remain to the current day within the type of columns with stone arches, rooms with domes Great tanks. you’ll be able to also see some valuable collectibles from the Agora or Smyrna like coins, jewelry, sculptures and art pieces within the heart of the Izmir Museum of Art with its three halls.

Kimeralti Market

One of the distinctive experiences that you simply should have during tourism in Turkey and within the heart of Izmir is to go to the traditional Kemeralti Market, which dates back to the sixteenth century, and also the traditional antique market is characterized by its colorful shops and distinctive Ottoman architectural design. During your visit to the market, you’ll be able to also visit the Hisar Mosque and also the eight synagogues that are still preserved until this moment.

Izmir Elevator

One of the foremost beautiful adventures and recreational activities that you simply can do during tourism in Turkey is to do the famous “Izmir Elevator” to require a tour and a fast idea of ​​the beautiful city and its coastal view.

The history of the Izmir elevator dates back to the start of the 20th century with the aim of linking the Karatas district with the slopes of the nearby hill and now becoming one among the city’s most vital tourist attractions.

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