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Tourism in France

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Tourism in France

Tourism in France is at the forefront of the foremost attractive countries for tourism within the world; If we discuss history and power, it owned the second largest empire in history, and if we speak about art and philosophy, Sartre, Voltaire and lots of others emerged from it.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris

It is one among the most important countries within the Europe in terms of area. As for nature, some say that it is: God’s paradise on earth. We are talking about the sweetness of France and traveling to France.

France, located in Western Europe, is one amongst the most important paradises on earth. it’s one among the foremost beautiful countries within the world, with its natural terrain, forests, lakes and rivers, like a people Channel, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees mountain ranges and also the Alps, additionally to the economic and technological progress it witnesses Economically and politically, it became the foremost prominent among the countries of the full world, and everybody flocked to France’s trips.

Tourism in Paris


The capital, Paris, is that the very first thing that draws people to tourism in France. If you speak about Paris as if you’re talking about France, it’s a logo of its eternal symbols, and its economic and commercial capital, which is that the city of securities and financial markets, and therefore the most densely populated city in France.

Paris is one among the foremost famous cities within the world and therefore the most engaging for tourism. Paris is ranked 4th among the eu urban areas, and has gained many symbols and titles. it’s said to be the “capital of European political power”, “the center of culture in Europe”.

Paris is additionally home to several archaeological monuments, high-rise buildings, restaurants, hotels and markets. it’s town of fashion, luxury and high-end cuisine, and tourists thereto are in unspeakable crowds. In 2017, town was visited by approximately 34 million visitors, which indicates that this city is taken into consideration by both He intends to visit France, because it is one among the countries most preferred by Arab travelers to go to.

The most important 3 landmarks within the city of Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower

This tower occupies great fame within the world, just like the fame of France fully or more, and it got its name from the engineer who designed it, the engineer Gustave Eiffel, a iron lattice tower, which was built between 1887 and 1889, and this tower has become an emblem France is that the most visited place within the world.

The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324 meters, which is cherish the peak of a building consisting of 81 floors, which is that the tallest building in Paris, and therefore the second tallest building in France after the Millau Bridge. It contains 3 levels for visitors: restaurants on the primary and second levels, and later to the third level using the elevator. there’s little question that everybody who intends to jaunt France implicitly intends to travel the tower, because it isn’t the Eiffel Tower only, but the Tower of Paris and therefore the Tower of France as an entire.

2. Arc de Triomphe

The Champs Elysees Street and at the top of the Arc de Triomphe
One is immortalized by many things, but to perpetuate an excellent building because the one who built it’s great, that’s a good paradox. This arch was ordered to be built by Napoleon Bonaparte, and is taken into account one in all the foremost famous monuments in Paris, and it stands on the western fringe of the Champs-Elysées at a height of fifty meters. Anyone who intends to travel in France must include this prominent landmark while visiting Paris landmarks.

This arch came as a form of tribute to people who fought for the revolution and also the war, and also the names of all French victories and therefore the names of the generals are inscribed on the surfaces of the inside and exterior of the arch. Under the arch is that the tomb of the soldier from warfare I.

3. street Street

It is believed that this name, was derived from “Elysée”, which implies “paradise of dead heroes” in Greek. Jannah Street. it’s strange. it’s more correct to call a garden a garden, but not a street, but not all streets are streets. The Champs Elysees, which is 1.9 km long and 70 meters wide, is really a paradise with its famous theaters, cafes, luxury boutiques, festivals, parties, exhibitions, especially the annual 14 July military parade, and also the Cycling League.

This street is seen because the most distinguished road within the world. It contains a garden that features the Grand Palace, Petit Palace, the Marigny Theater, additionally to several restaurants, gardens and monuments, and also the Elysee Palace, which is additionally the official palace of the presidents of France, and at the top of the road you’ll find the Arc de Triomphe, which was built to honor the victories of Napoleon I. All you have got to try and do when traveling to France is to place this street at the highest of the list of must-visit places.

Tourism in Nice

The city of Nice, located on the Mediterranean coast, is taken into account one in all the foremost important and famous cities of the French region, but rather the most effective and most beautiful.

This city occupies a prominent position among those that will trip France. On the economic level, it contains many banks, institutions and most of France’s airports. On the cultural level, it’s filled with religious and cultural historical places, museums, theaters and exhibitions.

Among the prominent landmarks in it are: St. Nicholas Church, Macina Square, the lighthouse, the monument, Simes Monastery, Laskars Palace, additionally to shops and markets such as: the famous Pepsi Store and Black Jeremy.

The 3 most vital landmarks in Nice:

1. Promenade des Anglais

Away from the hustle and bustle of civilization a touch, and under the sway of the red twilight view on the blue benches at sunset opposite the Bay of Angels, you’re now within the Anglet Park stretching along the Mediterranean within the French city of Nice, which is crowded on Sundays with cyclists and full families, which is additionally a favourite place for skiing. Many events, activities and festivals are held during this park, like the annual Nice Carnival and therefore the Battle of Flowers Festival. don’t prevent after you make the intention of tourism in France, you’ll be able to take a rest during this famous park.

2. Nice Castle

“The Cradle of the Sun” is one amongst the strangest nicknames you hear, which provokes greater perplexity than surprise. The nickname is great and complicated, but to whom is it called, to which places, it’s the great Castle, or the castle hill, which was used for military purposes within the past. it absolutely was destroyed in 1706 by Louis 14.

But at this time it’s considered as a park, and it’s the foremost famous public park in Nice, and it’s a must-see for everybody who wants to travel in France, especially with the amazing parades that occur in it, and don’t forget the attractive view that you simply will have throughout the day, while watching the charming landscape in it. And watch the sun rise and set.

3. Nice Old Town Vieille Ville

Upon entering this excellent old city, you may compassionate an instant that you just have managed to interrupt through time back to the center Ages, to work out and to run within the narrow streets passing through the old buildings with roofs covered with red tiles, and therefore the nearby smells of great old restaurants, and therefore the markets that you just will pass to work out the splendor of antiquity and also the splendor of the old city of Nice. This ancient city could be a prominent symbol and an excellent impact for tourists in France, and therefore the level of tourism in it’s increased over time.

Tourism in Marseille

Marseille is one amongst the foremost important French cities, and it’s gained this importance thanks to several factors, including that it’s the second largest geographic area in France, of course, after Paris. It also occupies a prominent position within the lists of tourism in France, because it is taken into account the biggest French coastal city, because it is found on the coast of France. Southern France, and owns the port of Marseille, which is that the largest seaport in France. additionally to the cultural field and also the role of this city in it, because it was chosen in 2013 because the European Capital of Culture, and especially that it contains almost the biggest Arab Muslim community in France.

This city is taken into account one in every of the most centers within the industrial and commercial field, thanks to the port of Marseille and Marseille Airport, which is that the fourth largest airport in France. Marseille has taken an outsized a part of tourism in France, because it is that the city famous for its beaches, seas, buildings, buildings, galleries, markets and museums, where there are over 24 museums and 42 theaters, and it’s one in all the cities suitable for traveling alone or along with your lover.

The most important 3 landmarks in Marseille:

1. Notre Dame de Paris cathedral

Because of its greatness, the famous writer “Victor Hugo” chose it because the scene of his novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, to unleash his humanity from behind the walls of this cathedral within which he found warmth and love. it’s the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, meaning the Cathedral of Our Lady, a medieval Catholic cathedral, located on the Seine, and one amongst the best samples of French type of architecture, and it’s also one in all the foremost famous church buildings in France, and within the world still.

It contains inside it a number of the foremost important Catholic relics like the alleged crown of thorns, a fraction of actuality Cross, and one amongst the holy nails, so this cathedral receives a awfully high degree of visits.

2. The old port

This port is found at the tip of avenue Canebiere, which is that the main street and popular place in Marseille, and includes around it variety of important and prominent landmarks, like the Abbey of Saint-Victor, which is one amongst the oldest Christian houses of worship in France, and therefore the Hotel de Ville (City Hall Hotel). The historic ferry that sails between opposite sides of the old port, and also the famous Roman Doc Museum. All you have got to try and do when traveling to France is to return to the current beautiful port and see its historical monuments.

3. Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations

In every country there’s a museum that embodies the past of this country, and in every city there’s a museum that immortalizes the past of this city, but if you discover a museum that perpetuates and preserves different civilizations, this can be the identical wonder. The Museum of European Civilizations located within the city of Marseille is taken into account one among the good symbols of the town of Marseille, and also the focus of attention for people who will travel in France, it absolutely was opened within the year 2013, that is, within the same year during which Marseille was classified because the European Capital of Culture.

This museum is devoted to European and Mediterranean civilizations, through the historical and cultural exchange within the Mediterranean region. The museum, which was built of “stone, water and wind” was designed within the style of a cube with a volume of 15,000 square meters, and includes exhibitions, underground auditoriums and a library of books And a restaurant.

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