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Tourism in France Part 2

Written by Basant Fawzi

Tourism in France Part 2

Tourism in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is found in eastern France, next to the German come close the Ile River, which may be a tributary of the Rhine, and enjoys an oceanic climate characterized by high temperatures in summer and cold winters. town of Strasbourg has global political importance, because it is that the seat of Parliament and plenty of European institutions.

Culturally, town of Strasbourg also plays a prominent role, because it has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and contains the second largest university in France, the University of Strasbourg, and is additionally home to the most important Islamic place of worship in France, the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg. In economic terms, Strasbourg is a vital center for manufacturing and engineering, a middle for road and rail transport, and also the port of Strasbourg is that the second largest port on the Rhine. the town of Strasbourg deserves to go past those that will travel in France to fill his soul with the meanings of human civilization.

The 3 most vital landmarks in Strasbourg:

1. Strasbourg Cathedral

The writer Hugo called it a “giant and delicate marvel,” while Gotebpe described it as “a towering, slender tree, sort of a broad tree from God.” All this was said about Strasbourg Cathedral, or because it is named the Cathedral of Our Lady, Roman Catholic, which is as old because the 13th century, and also the splendor and wonder of the building is that it had the tallest tower within the world, 142 meters long, but that continued until 1874, when it absolutely was built taller than it, but that didn’t prevent it from achieving the glory of the sixth tallest tower within the world and therefore the highest structure within the Middle Ages. don’t forget when traveling in France to hold your camera to the present cathedral until you perpetuate yourself by taking pictures next thereto.

2. Petite France

Can France reduce its greatness to alittle neighborhood called “Little France”? This neighborhood may be a historical district located within the city of Strasbourg in eastern France, and contains the historical center of the town. within the Middle Ages, this neighborhood was the middle of the city’s tanners, hunters and mills. But today it’s considered a significant tourist attraction in France. In 1988, as an example, this neighborhood was included within the World Heritage List. From this neighborhood flow rivers, like the Petit River and therefore the Irt River, and also towers, bridges, and terrible aqueducts. In fact, most of these who will jaunt France are fascinated by the pleasure of visiting this small neighbourhood.

3. Orange Garden or Orangerie Park

The Orange Garden is that the oldest park within the city of Strasbourg, and it’s the favourite destination for lovers, youth, walkers, strollers drivers and mothers on Sundays, and it’s one among the favourite areas for youngsters, thanks to the supply of space to play, and provides some light games, additionally to the presence of a personal zoo which will be entered thereto at no cost. And beside it, the lake is found with its sparkling scenery and therefore the movement of boats that are fun in it. don’t forget once you travel in France to hold your children and take them bent on this excellent park.

Tourism in Lyon

Lyon is that the capital of the Rhone region in southeastern France. it’s of great importance for being the second largest geographic region in France, and is legendary for its historical and cultural monuments. it’s been included within the UNESCO World Heritage List, further as playing a prominent role within the field of cinema. The Festival of Lights and international culinary arts.

Lyon occupies a vital strategic location, because it is found at the confluence of the Rhone and Saône rivers. This city is characterized by its climate that mixes an oceanic climate with a semi-circular climate. it’s considered one in every of the cold regions of France in winter, but this failed to prevent people who will visit France from visiting this glorious city, View its archaeological and cultural landmarks, find out about its culture, history, and present, by visiting museums, restaurants and hotels.

The 3 most vital landmarks in Lyon:

1. Parc de la Tite d’Or garden

It is a really large urban park, with a section of ​​117 hectares, and because of the shortage of other parks in Lyon, this park has gained a well-liked character and wide fame, especially with the presence of the attractive lake, and also the views of the moving boats in it. For sports lovers of walking and jogging, or cyclists, it’s the most effective place for them. because of the high turnout of individuals to go to this park, an outsized zoo has been founded in it, containing giraffes, elephants, deer, reptiles, and others. Carry your luggage once you will travel in France.

2. Museum of people Traditions

We hear plenty about museums, for example: the Chocolate Museum, which is extremely strange to search out a museum for chocolate, but the strangest thing may be a museum of folks traditions. Have the traditions been embodied and placed in museums as “substance”. No, but this museum should be placed in another museum because it’s in itself a masterpiece. This museum is found right within the center of Lyon, and most of its holdings target popular events and activities for people, from the current and therefore the past. don’t forget when traveling in France to share the thrill and sorrows of the statues during this temple.

3. Belcourt Square

It is an outsized square located within the center of Lyon, and is taken into account one amongst the most important open square areas in France, and also the largest pedestrian square in it. within the middle of the park sits an equestrian statue of King Sun King, and other statues in addition. It also contains two wings: the primary wing houses the Tourist Information Office in Lyon, the second wing houses an room.

Tourism in Annecy

This city is taken into account one amongst the most important cities in southeastern France on the northern tip of Lake Annecy, and is nicknamed by many because the “Pearl of the French Alps”, because it is found within the middle between lakes and mountains. Others also call it the “Venice of the Alps”, due to its privileged location, which it gained from the encompassing rivers, lakes and canals.

Annecy is 55 km from Paris, while it’s 43 km from Geneva, the capital of Switzerland. In Annecy, you’re between the 2, between heaven and paradise, the paradise of France and also the paradise of Switzerland, but rather you’re in an exceedingly third paradise. This city contains prominent landmarks that witness space for people who shall visit France, such as: Mount Seminos, Lake Annecy, Palais dell, Annecy Castle, the Lovers’ Bridge, the Imperial Palace et al..

The 3 most significant landmarks in Annecy:

1. Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy, is that the third largest lake in France, and it’s a famous tourist destination called “the cleanest lake in Europe” because of the cleanliness of the lake and its depth further, which reaches 82 meters, its length is 14 km, and its width is 4 km. This lake is additionally characterized by its cold water within the summer, which made it a destination for tourists in France within the summer. The lake is surrounded by picturesque towns and villages, including: the village of Santo working dog, Sivré, Talwar, and others.

2. Bridge of Arts (Bridge of Love)

“We vowed that we might love one another throughout his life, and only death would separate us.” This pledge wasn’t written in a very written form, but must be documented within the Love Bridge, or the Lovers’ Bridge, by placing a closed lock on this bridge to point the impossibility of parting. This bridge is found within the city of Annecy, and crosses the Lassen River in central France, and since of the numerous locks on the bridge, it had been decided to get rid of the locks, to shield the bridge from collapsing, and it had been maintained, and it had been included within the list of the French national heritage.

3. The Elysee Palace

It is an old fortified house, which was used as a jail. it’s been subjected to many repairs and restorations, and contains old courtrooms, old prison cells, additionally to the old church, semi-circular domed rooms, an outsized audience hall, additionally to the spiral staircase connecting the floors. This palace has been classified as a World Heritage Site. The palace is accessed and entered via an attached bridge.

Tourism in Chamonix

Chamonix is ​​one of the foremost important tourist cities in France. after you shall visit France, this city are going to be included within the list of French cities to be visited. Located near the peaks of the Aiguilles Rouges, Chamonix is ​​one of the oldest tourist resorts in France.

This city includes 16 villages and health resorts, while enjoying a damp continental climate, because of the peak of this city, within the summer is mild and within the winter is cold and snowy, so it’s considered a winter sports resort, and also the tourism season in France at now has town of Chamonix the biggest share of it, especially For skiing and snow rock climbing enthusiasts, this city has the best compartment station within the world and also the highest cabin climbing car within the world.

The most important 3 landmarks in Chamonix:

1. The White Mountain (Mont Blanc)

This mountain is found within the city of Chamonix on the French-Italian border, and is taken into account one in all the best mountains in Western Europe, and also the strange thing is that the peak of the mountain and its height varies from year to year, between increase and reduce, which is governed by the speed of snowfall on the highest of this mountain. this is often also the explanation why it’s called the “White Mountain” because of the snow brushing its white color on the mountain, making it an enthralling image.

2. Summit du Midi

Having the bottom under your feet is amazing, except for people who suffer from phobia of heights, it’ll be difficult for them. Fear not dear, you’re within the castle du Midi, which is quite 3800 meters high. Which is one among the foremost prominent tourist symbols in Chamonix, France, and you’ll be able to reach this summit through cable cars that transport you and show you the wonderful natural caves, additionally to the view that you simply will always remember, when the entire earth, Chamonix and also the whole of France are under your eyes and you’re above the celebs, you may feel that then.

3. Vallee Blanche

In the Atari Little game, there was a game of skating, and once you lose, the system doesn’t produce Game Over for you as was common, but rather surprises you with the looks of the phrase: “You lost Vallee Blanche.” The Valais Blanche is one in every of the symbols of the town of Chamonix in France, and it’s a ski track with a length of 20 km, and this ski path leads you to the biggest glacier mass and also the highest peak, the summit of the white mountain mountain peak. On the way back from the summit, then resume your walk a bit while skiing before reaching the railway station that may lead you to the town of Chamonix.

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