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Tourism in Egypt Part 3

Written by Basant Fawzi

Tourism in Egypt Part 3

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian coastal city characterized by a warm winter climate, beautiful beaches and sea creatures of fish and gradient coral reefs, which made it the highest of tourism in Egypt in recent decades.

Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh is characterized by visiting multiple nature reserves, with practicing water sports like diving, swimming and surfing, and enjoying the Aqua Park. it’s one among the most effective places of tourism in Egypt generally and Sharm El-Sheikh specifically, and is suitable for family visits, children and young adults thanks to its diverse and fun water games that provide you with a spirit Adventure, additionally to the hotel services it offers and Day use rooms available for the convenience of tourists.

The most important 3 landmarks in Sharm El Sheikh:

Ne’ema Bay

One of the foremost famous tourist resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh among Arab and foreign tourists alike, the resort encompasses a long walk overlooking the Red Sea with shops and restaurants that cater to any or all tastes, with what it provides from one-day safari trips where riding quad bikes and enjoying the sweetness and tranquility of the deserts and skill the Bedouin life on its origins through tents and Bedouin food.

The Old Market

One of the famous markets within the city selling souvenirs and traditional handicrafts, so if you wish to shop for gifts for your family before traveling at reasonable prices, don’t miss it and make it your last destination before traveling.

One Thousand and One Nights

An enclosed park that has sound and light-weight shows that tell the history and civilization of Pharaonic Egypt, through which you may feel as if you’re attending a show just like the Pyramids of Giza, additionally to restaurants and places that supply traditional local dance performances like the famous Bedouin dance. you’ll then take your family to buy through quite 450 shops selling the products of the foremost famous international brands within the famous Mercato Mall, which is found near the park.


Which you’ll be able to start on a yacht that tours you within the surrounding area before heading to go to the Ras Mohammed reserve and luxuriate in close-up viewing of marine organisms and coral reefs that are twenty million years old, with the chance of diving, surfing or fishing trips, visiting the sunken ship and watching its contents on the Approximately 3 hours after sailing from Sharm El Sheikh.

Click on “The Most Famous Tourist Places in Sharm El Sheikh” to seek out out the foremost beautiful other tourist places that may be visited during your travel trip to Sharm El Sheikh.

Tourism in Hurghada

Tourism in Hurghada is one among the foremost important areas of tourism in Egypt in its entirety, whether externally or internally, and also the reasons for its strong attraction to tourists are because of the splendor of its beaches and also the purity and purity of its waters crammed with colorful and attention-grabbing coral reefs.

All of the above made Hurghada a novel destination for nature lovers and adventure lovers generally.

The most important landmarks in Hurghada:

El Gouna

One of the simplest tourism resorts in Egypt and Hurghada, which provides an agreeable opportunity to practice various water sports. El Gouna, which is about 20 km from the town, includes 6 main neighborhoods: the Marina where you’ll be able to enjoy a visit on the rear of a yacht, the Golf District where you’ll visit the international golf courses, the Neighborhood The Mediterranean, the Italian and Nubian neighborhoods, the Hadaba neighborhood, and therefore the Downtown neighborhood for shopping and entertainment.

Sahl Hasheesh

One of the foremost beautiful tourist areas in Egypt, and its beauty appears within the purity of its waters, which you’ll be able to enjoy by roaming on the promenade overlooking the ocean or on the rear of a yacht while practicing diving and watching the sunken Pharaonic monuments, and you’ll be able to also enjoy on the bottom playing golf through the 2 courses which the place provides.

Giftun Island is one in all the most effective tourist areas in Egypt

One of the most effective tourist areas in Egypt in terms of calm and recreation provided by cruises on the rear of the boat or yacht, where you’ll practice skin-dive in additional than 13 sites famous for the island, while enjoying the wonder of marine creatures.


The lively and main area in Hurghada, where dozens of retailers sell everything you would like and supply you with the services you would like during your stay within the city, an honest opportunity for lovers of walking with exploration.


One of Hurghada’s famous neighborhoods starts from the Sakkala area where you are feeling ascending thereto to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.


If you’re a devotee of blending with the indigenous people of the country anywhere you visit, the favored area of ​​​​Dahar is your ideal destination in Hurghada, where the cafes and popular neighborhoods inhabited by the people of the country are removed from the same old glamor of tourist areas.

Tourism in Luxor

One of the foremost important tourism cities in Egypt because of an enormous number of antiquities within the world through archaeological sites that contain thousands of artifacts. Tourism in Luxor may be a purely Pharaonic historical cultural tourism, because it may be a city that smells of 1 of the oldest civilizations on earth.

Most Important landmarks in Luxor:

Karnak Temple

One of the best tourist attractions in Egypt and Luxor specifically, it’s an impressive Pharaonic house of worship that begins on the road of rams to incorporate a gaggle of temples, including: the temple of the god Amun, his wife Mut and his son, the Temple of Ramses III, together with many huge pillars, royal compartments and obelisks. you’ll be able to also attend the day or night sound and lightweight show that deals with the history of the establishment of the temple with its treasures, in several foreign languages.

Luxor temple

It is distinguished by its inclusion of dozens of columns with huge construction and hieroglyphic inscriptions that surround it on either side, similarly as two huge statues of King Rameses the Great at its entrance, and therefore the cabin of Alexander the good. it’s a temple that mixes the civilization of the deep east mixed with a number of the spirit of the West.

Valley of the Kings and Queens

It includes dozens of royal tombs carved in rock that represent the age of the New Kingdom, on top of which are the tombs of Ramses III and VI, the tomb of Tutankhamun and therefore the tomb of Queen Nefertari.

Deir el-Bahari Temple

One of the best temples of Luxor and tourist attractions in Egypt, a mortuary temple was founded by Queen Hatshepsut on 3 ascending terraces to perform her funeral ceremonies to the opposite world.

Tourism in Aswan

If you’re a disciple of calm, confirm that tourism in Aswan is one among the most effective tourist destinations for you, especially if you’re coming from Cairo, to not mention that it’s one in all the foremost important destinations for lovers of temples and historical monuments.
Aswan and Luxor are two inseparable tourist destinations and that we advise you to go to them together.

The most important landmarks within the city of Aswan:

Medical Tourism Areas

Aswan is one amongst the foremost important tourism centers in Egypt with the aim of recovering from incurable diseases like bone and joint pain and skin diseases, and one in every of the foremost famous of those areas is that the Isis Island Resort, the Damira area, Wadi Al-Allaqi, Abu Simbel, where the affected areas of the body are buried or massaged with yellow sand Saturated with sunlight or brown clay sand for the aim of treatment.

Philae Island

An island overlooking the bank of the Nile opposite Aswan, and is legendary for its inclusion of the remains of the Pharaonic temples that were in-built this region centuries ago.

Nubia Museum

It is located within the Nubia region between the cities of Aswan and Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Through its unique artifacts, it deals with eras that represent the trendy and contemporary history of Pharaonic Egypt.

Abu Simbel Temple

One of the foremost important tourist places in Egypt, and through your tour in Aswan, don’t miss a visit to the Temple of Abu Simbel, the nice complex of temples. within the interior of the temple were created structures that may amaze you to determine, the ancients.

The temples are located some hours’ drive south of Aswan, but most tourists gain Abu Simbel by plane. The trip from Aswan takes only half-hour, and there are two flights per day that are timed so the tourist has about two hours to spend within the temples. it’s also possible to go to Abu Simbel by joining the Lake Nasser excursion, as these ships are anchored ahead of the temples.

Nile Cruises

One of the foremost beautiful activities that you simply can do during tourism in Egypt is to enjoy a Nile cruise on alittle traditional boat from those for whom Aswan is legendary, enjoying the picturesque landscapes between greenery, water and warm sun in winter on the banks of the nice river and within the heart of Lake Nasser.

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The most important tourist attractions in other cities of Egypt

Tell el-Amarna

It is a city located in Minya, north of Upper Egypt. it’s famous for holding the temples of Aten, one amongst the foremost famous pharaonic deities, two royal palaces dating back to the time of the pharaohs, north and south of the town, the letters of the Amarna tribes who inhabited town within the Middle Ages and its age, the remains of the capital of ancient Egypt since the reign of King Akhenaten.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

It is located in South Sinai, and is one among the oldest monasteries within the world and also the second in terms of what it contains of historical manuscripts, artifacts and Arab and international art, and also the region is one in every of the foremost beautiful areas that adventurers and mountaineers may visit during tourism in Egypt to climb the best tip within the country, which is Mount Saint Catherine additionally to several nearby tourist attractions that are believed to be sacred, like the mountain, the well and therefore the tree that dates back to our master Moses, peace be upon him.

Siwa Oasis

It is an oasis and a nature reserve located within the Egyptian Western Desert, southwest of Marsa Matrouh, and is known for being one in all the best tourist attractions in Egypt due to its sands, four therapeutic lakes, and its embrace of many rare wild animals and plants, moreover as some Pharaonic temples, the foremost famous of which is that the Temple of Amun.

Dendera Temple

It is located on the western bank of the Nile between Qena Governorate and North Luxor. it’s distinguished by its monuments that reflect the Greek and Roman civilizations in Egypt. it’s famous for the statue of Queen Cleopatra and her son solon, its bishop with inscriptions that express astronomical constellations.

Here we have finished talking about tourism in Egypt and the most important tourist cities in Egypt. Wait for us for new articles about the most important airports in Egypt and hotels as well.

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