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Tourism in Egypt Part 2

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Tourism in Egypt Part 2

Tourism in Giza

The city of Giza is characterized together of the strongholds of tourism in Egypt and also the most closely associated with the Pharaonic era, as most of the tourist places in it are closely linked to the landmarks of the traditional Pharaonic civilization, additionally to the zoo, which may be a distinctive point for recreational tourism within the city amid many animals that were attracted from different parts of the planet.

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Giza Governorate, Egypt
The most important tourist attractions in Giza Governorate
History of Giza and Alexandria
Tourism in Alexandria
The most important landmarks of the tourist city of Alexandria

The most important 3 landmarks within the city of Giza:

The Three Pyramids and also the Sphinx

The pyramids are one in all the foremost important tourist attractions in Egypt, and you’ll be able to enjoy seeing the creativity of the traditional Egyptian architects and builders in making these three architectural masterpieces from quite 40 centuries, with taking photographs for you with them and visiting the royal tombs available if you would like, then you’ll be able to take a tour of the realm on the rear Rent a horse or camel, buy special souvenirs for friends and family from the shops that surround the place, and have a delicious meal at one in every of the nearby restaurants.

The ancestors of the pharaohs built the good Sphinx, which includes a majestic genius design; Believing that it’d be a shield to safeguard their royal tombs treasures from theft, it’s now become the topic of wonderful photographs by day and amazing nighttime audio performances showing the glories of the Pharaohs “Sound and lightweight.”

Saqqara Pyramid

It houses the tomb of the King of the Third Pharaonic Dynasty, King Djoser, also called the Step Pyramid, because of its six distinctive steps that resemble terraces that rise above one another. within the pyramid of Djoser or Saqqara, you’ll enjoy watching the blue bricks that decorate the tomb of the king, additionally to the doors of the famous Pharaonic cats and therefore the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of the pyramid.

Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village is one amongst the most effective tourist places in Egypt, where you’ll see representative scenes in the middle of an audio explanation of the lifetime of the traditional Egyptian and his add agriculture and therefore the papyrus industry with a view of the trees that distinguished Egypt during the Pharaonic era, and you’ll be able to visit museums that accommodate the history of Egypt through the ages from the time of the pharaohs to For rulers and events of latest history, you’ll also buy heritage and archaeological souvenirs from the market provided by the village, while visiting the children’s play area with its fun activities if your trip is with the family.

Tourism in Alexandria

Alexandria is an Egyptian coastal city famous for its mild climate and therefore the extension of its beaches along the Mediterranean within the north of the country for a distance of up to 70 km from east to west.

But its coastal nature with its extended area, which made it the second port, didn’t make it account just for beach tourism. Alexandria is one amongst the foremost diverse places of tourism in Egypt. a number of its landmarks are religious in nature, and a few of them are historical and cultural in nature. European. you can not come for tourism in Egypt without visiting it.

The most important landmarks of the town of Alexandria:

Library of Alexandria

Of course, don’t miss visiting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, this great oval edifice surrounded by an outsized granite wall is amazing in beauty and inscribed on that in additional than 120 languages. From the within, it’s divided into reading sections that include thousands of rare books in various fields of science, additionally to 6 exhibition halls Art, audio library for the blind and conference house, and you’ll not forget that there’s a library for kids and teenagers.

You can visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm, and on Saturdays only from 12 pm to 4 pm, and on Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Bey Citadel

The castle overlooking the eastern port of Alexandria represents a beautiful view of the ocean, where you’ll be able to enjoy a position of the ocean and therefore the region as a full from the highest of the castle walls, additionally to visiting the Maritime Museum, which is stuffed with many species of marine creatures and reviews the history of the wars that versed town and also the castle served as a wall it’s a beginning from the Roman wars to land battles that ended with its capture.

National Museum

It is located near the guts of the town and reviews its history from the earliest times to the foremost recent, in halls whose architectural designs derive from the spirit of the age, which has its immortal monuments.

Montazah Palace Gardens

If you’re a follower of wonderful walks on the Mediterranean, then Montazah Gardens is what you’re searching for.

And the park gardens not only provide you with a move into the lap of nature, but even have many beaches that each one overlook the park gardens, like Cleopatra Beach and Venice. had it.

Roman theater and opera

Where you’ll visit the sector for encouraging war-style sports matches during the Roman era, which could accommodate 800 fans occupying 800 seats decorated with marble stones and picturesque mosaic patterns.

Not far away is that the Alexandria theater, which is understood as Sayed Darwish Theatre, where you’ll attend cultural evenings, concerts, concerts, ballet dances by the foremost famous national and international troupes and festivals.

Religious tourism attractions

The landmarks of non secular tourism in Alexandria represent the three monotheistic religions whose followers have lived for hundreds of years on the city’s lands, including the Morsi Abu al-Abbas Mosque, famous for Anfoushi, the Jewish Temple of the Prophet Daniel, the Monastery of Saint Mina within the southwest, and St. Mark’s Cathedral, the oldest church on the African continent.

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