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The Smallest Governorate in Jordan in Terms of Population

Written by Basant Fawzi

The Smallest Governorate in Jordan in Terms of Population

The smallest governorate in Jordan in terms of population is Tafila, with a population of 106,500 citizens. Statistics show that Tafila governorate includes a population of 1% of the overall population of the remainder of the governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

About The Tiniest Governorate in Jordan in Terms of Population

As we mentioned earlier, Tafila Governorate is taken into account the smallest amount populous governorate within the Kingdom of Jordan and is somewhat off from the Jordanian capital, Amman, which is about 180 km away.
Tafila Governorate is one in all the oldest cities within the Kingdom, as many nations capable it, including the Nabataeans so the Romans until the Islamic rule came and therefore the civilizational manifestations that followed within the city.
It is worth mentioning that Tafila Governorate has the foremost important natural reserve within the geographical area, called the Dana Reserve. The governorate also has many tourist attractions, especially religious attractions.
Among the religious monuments, we mention the tomb of the companion Jaber bin Abdullah Al-Ansari, additionally because the tomb of the companion Kaab bin Omair Al-Ghafari and therefore the tomb of Al-Harith bin Omair Al-Azdi, in addition because the presence of a church from the Roman era within the south of town of Basira.
There are some historical castles, like Tafila Castle, which was in-built the Nabatean era, further as Basira Castle, dating back to the Edomite period, and there are many castles like Al-Hasa Castle and Al-Sila Castle.

The Administrative Division of Tafila Governorate is That The Smallest Governorate in Jordan in Terms of Population

Tafila Governorate is split into three brigades or regions, among which we mention the Kasbah of Tafila District, which has 19 towns, the Basira District, which incorporates 9 towns and little villages, and therefore the Al-Hasa District, which contains 3 towns.

Tafila, Town of Culture Within Whe Kingdom

The city of Tafila has been chosen since 2014 to be town of culture within the Kingdom of Jordan, where there are many cultural and social activities aimed toward spreading awareness and culture among the people of the governorate particularly and also the Kingdom normally.

Natural Resources Within The Smallest Governorate in Jordan in Terms of Population

Tafila Governorate has lands of nature rich in natural resources. we discover that copper and manganese are abundant within the lands of that city, similarly as limestone and oil are extracted from its lands.
In addition to those natural materials that are found in nature, there’s also a renewable industrial renaissance within the factories of textiles, foodstuffs, dairy and dried fruits.

Services Provided Within The Smallest Governorate in Jordan

A center was established to receive people with special needs, yet because the establishment of a sports club within the governorate called Al-Hasa Sports Club, with interest in establishing a medicine unit inside Prince Zeid Hospital.
Medical interest is additionally shown through the establishment of health centers that serve the people of the town and also the establishment of Tafila Civil Hospital.
Paying attention to the governorate’s infrastructure with the development of water tanks within the Al-Hasa area, the restoration of huge mosques, and also the establishment of housing units for families with lower incomes within the Aima area and therefore the Basira area.

The Economic Resources on Which Tafila Governorate Depends

It depends mainly on agriculture and depends in another percentage on tourism, thanks to the presence of a nature reserve and farms, fruit and olive plantations within the area above the governorate above water level because of the frequent rainfall.

As for agricultural investment in Tafileh Governorate, we discover that the Basira area is one among the foremost appropriate areas thanks to the character of its lands and its fame for the presence of forests and therefore the abundance of oak and juniper trees.

The Problems That Exist Within The Agricultural Sector in Tafila Governorate

The presence of natural problems, including retention and lack of rain or snow, which causes drought and thus affects agricultural crops, similarly because the condition of bad roads, which causes many problems represented within the difficulty of transporting agricultural crops.

The high prices of fertilizers and also the costs of veterinary treatments and therefore the lack of support for farmers, yet because the absence of agricultural laws that protect forests from overgrazing and thus the emergence of erosion problems.

The Industrial Sector in Tafila Governorate

Tafila has become an industrial city thanks to the operation of the primary factory specialized within the manufacture of plastic materials, which helped within the presence of investments in other industrial sectors within the food and chemical fields.
Thus, the factory for the assembly of plastic materials is one among the primary investments within the industrial zone because of the Kingdom’s encouragement for industrial investments by reducing sale and rent prices for the lands of the economic city.

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