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The Most Important Tourist Areas in France

Written by Basant Fawzi

The Most Important Tourist Areas in France

Tourism in Toulouse

The French call it the “Pink City”, like Petra in Jordan, also nicknamed the “Pink City”, but this title certainly didn’t are available vain, but Toulouse itself forced them and imposed on them to call it by this name, because it’s a really unique architecture due to its buildings made from pink terracotta brick.

The city of Toulouse is found on the banks of the Garonne, near the borders of Spain, and is separated from the Mediterranean by only 150 km. it’s also the fourth largest city in France in terms of population, the fourth largest geographical region in France, the middle of the eu aircraft industry, and therefore the largest space center In Europe, it also includes a type of attractive tourist attractions.

The 3 most significant landmarks in Toulouse:

1. Space City

The first space flight came out of Russia, so the eyes began to appear for voyage, but there’s no thanks to do so. But don’t be afraid, you’re in France now, and here we’ve brought space to you, through an area game city that was inaugurated in 1997, which may be a game park designed as an area station with a high-level design, containing designs and full-sized space games, and interactive and academic displays, this is often next to a park that contains galleries and great views, additionally to several buildings and cinemas.

2. Augustine Museum

“Love God and do whatever you wish, because if you’re keen on God, you’ll not sin.” that’s what the good philosopher nicknamed “Saint Augustine” said. His reputation spread and museums, churches et al. were named after him, including this museum known within the city of Toulouse as “Augustine Museum”, which it’s considered a home for medieval art, despite the actual fact that the museum building itself is intended during a very beautiful and awesome architectural way.

3. St. Sernin Church

This church was inbuilt honor of St. Cernin within the Romanesque style. The church contains an oversized quantity of prime quality Roman carvings, beautiful statues and wonderful icons. In 1998, the church was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tourism in Bordeaux

It is Bordeaux, one amongst the foremost important and most famous cities in France. it’s a coastal city within the Garonne, in southwestern France. This city has an ancient past dating back to the 3rd century BC. it’s also of great importance at the current time, because it may be a country of beauty and picturesque nature, and a rustic of fashion. and also the rich streets of hotels, restaurants and resorts, and is known for the assembly of wine, and also the presence of a square called “Comedy Square”.

This city could be a prominent place, and enjoys a high score of interest for everybody who intends to tourism in France. it’s been included within the UNESCO World Heritage List as an impressive urban and architectural group from the 18th century after Paris, and it’s the most important number of preserved historical buildings of any city in France.

The 3 most vital landmarks in Bordeaux:

1. securities market Square and Water Mirror

The exchange Square and also the Water Mirror are among the foremost famous tourist attractions within the beautiful city of Bordeaux, and since of the clarity of the pond in it, the water reflects the photographs of individuals sort of a mirror, which led to a state of astonishment for everybody, and made this pond always the main target of cameras. So get on my feet and carry your belongings after you travel in France, and walk to the present square, to work out your image during this mirror

2. the good Theater of Bordeaux

Because of its beauty, mastery and splendor of design, it had been adopted as a theater for the National theatre, and not only that, also singing performances, dance performances, ballet et al were limited thereto, although its design is within the artistic style, but this increased the matter of astonishment and wonder. “Victor Louis” within the 18th century, and it absolutely was decorated in luxurious blue, white and gold colors, to form this theater the temple of art and wonder, this in fact, with the 12 stone statues included within the theater.

3. Gironde Monument

This monument was in-built memory of the Girondins victims of terrorism, within the village of Girondins in Bordeaux, and in 2011 it had been designated a “monument” by the Bordeaux council. This monument is found during a large square, as an obelisk or an enormous white column to point love and serenity, and on its edges sit elaborate statues of individuals resembling angels, while the monument is topped by the statue of the Republic.

Tourism in Nantes

Previously, this city was the capital of the Brittany region thanks to its strategic location. This city is found in western France on the Loire, approximately 50 km from the seashore, and this city constitutes the most northwestern national capital.

This city contains a glorious past, additionally to a gift stuffed with achievements likewise. This city is additionally characterized by the sweetness of nature, rivers, seas, plains and surrounding hills, and it won the ecu Green Award for 2013 for its inclusion of the many green spaces and guarded natural areas. don’t forget after you travel France to measure within the charm of this excellent city.

The 3 most significant landmarks in Nantes:

1. Machines of the Isle of Nantes

In France, there’s no place for the word difficult, and also the Nantes Island Machines project is that the best evidence of what we are saying. it’s an inventive, tourist and cultural project. the town of Nantes was chosen among France’s other cities to be its headquarters. it’s manufactured from machines designed within the style of living creatures. As large figures for it, within the kind of an elephant, a giraffe or other animals. So get on my feet after you trip France to try and do an awesome adventure during this place.

2. Passage Pommeraye

A small, but beautiful corridor, which has been well positioned during a number of films, for its strength, beauty and ease, especially after this corridor was classified as a historical monument in 1976, and named “Pomerai” after his realty developer “Louis Pomerai”.

This corridor may be a small shopping mall located between two streets, Sanuelle Street, and Rue de la Vos. This corridor includes many strange and varied things, like sculptures, as an example, although it’s alittle corridor, but it’s beautiful, and it’s an excellent viewing opportunity for everybody who intends to travel in France.

3. Château des ducs de Bretagne

From its name we all know it, this palace was the palace or castle of the Dukes of Brittany, and originally it’s an architectural group that formed the house of the town of Nantes, and consists of secrets dating back to the 15th century, where it turned from a palace to a castle to a jail and so to military barracks, but within the year 1924 The castle was allocated to tourists, then it absolutely was renovated to become a special civilized facility after the museum was added to that. This too, and in 1840, this castle was listed as a historical monument.

once you make your intention to visit France, don’t forget to record the names of these cities, sites and landmarks in each city, they’re all worth visiting, and a France visa is truly a visa to at least one of the foremost beautiful parts of the world.

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