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The Island Located Within The Ocean

Written by Basant Fawzi

The Island Located Within The Ocean

What is the name of the island that’s located within the ocean, in terms of area it ranks third among the world’s oceans, covers nearly 20% of the Earth’s waters, and borders the Indian subcontinent to the north, Africa to the west, the Indochina, and Australia to the east. Connected to the opposite islands and Antarctica within the south, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are united by a 20° longitude, which runs from the side of Cape Avolas.

Indian Ocean Islands

The Indian Ocean includes the islands of Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Madagascar Island

Located on the eastern and southern coasts of the African continent, it’s considered one among the biggest islands within the Indian Ocean and also the fourth largest island within the world. it’s home to five of the world’s plant and animal species, 80% of Madagascar is endemic, and over a 3rd of its population lives below the personal income.

Reunion Island

It is an island in France, located within the east of Madagascar, with a population of roughly 800,000 people, and is legendary for the cultivation of tea, rice, oil, coffee and coconut, and relies heavily on tourism.


It is near the East Coast of the African continent, and therefore the closest countries are Madagascar, Seychelles and Mozambique, with a locality of ​​1,862 square kilometers and therefore the third smallest with a population of 798 thousand people.

The Moldive Islands

It is a gaggle of small islands located within the Asian continent of an Islamic state, all of whose inhabitants are Muslims, located on the southern side of the equator, with a population of three.009 million people per square kilometer.

Seychelles Island

It is an African island made from several small islands, and its capital is Victoria, and it relies heavily on tourism within the economy, and its beaches are considered among the foremost beautiful within the world.

Mauritius Island

It is a gaggle of small islands about 860 kilometers from Madagascar, and is currently considered a democratic republic supported the separation of administrative, legislative and judicial powers, and has the characteristics of political stability.

Indian Ocean

It is one amongst the three largest oceans within the world and is taken into account the tiniest, ranks third in area, and covers 20% of the Earth’s surface. Its economy depends on ensuring that the center East, the African continent, and also the countries of East Asia are connected in various ways by sea routes. It comes from the American continent and also the European continent, and depends on the strategy of transporting oil and its products. The narrow waterways of the Indian Ocean: Strait of Malacca, Strait of Balk, Strait of Hormuz, Strait of Bab al-Mandab, Strait of Lombok, and also the following bays: Aden, Bengal, Oman, gulf, Great Australian Gulf, Red Sea, sea. and therefore the waterways: the Suez Canal and therefore the Mozambique Strait, and therefore the rivers that flow into it: Juba, Al-Sin

Ocean Geography

It is geographically located within the south of the world, bordered by the Indian subcontinent to the north, the African continent to the west, Australia, the peninsula and other islands to the east, and also the Antarctic Ocean to the south, and therefore the ocean is one amongst the world’s warmest oceans.

Ocean Depth

The depth of the ocean is 7,258 m, average depth is 3,890 to 4,200 m, area is 73,556,000 km, volume is 292.2 million km2, and surface salinity ranges from 32 to 37 parts per thousand.

Ocean Surface Features

The ocean contains many scattered highlands, like the Southwest Indian Highlands, the Ninety Highlands, the Central Indian Highlands, the Carlsberg Highlands and also the Southeast Indian Highlands, further as two plateaus: the Kergren Plateau within the south of the ocean and its volcanic origin and also the Mascarene Plateau in eastern Madagascar 2,000 km above surface level. Sea.

Countries That Border The Indian Ocean

The ocean is bordered by India, Bangladesh, Iran, and Pakistan to the north, the peninsula to the east, the Indonesian Sonta Islands and Australia to the east, Antarctica to the south, the peninsula, Africa to the west, and therefore the Atlantic, and Africa to the southwest. Its waters mix with the waters of the Pacific Ocean within the east and southeast, and it consists of several islands, the foremost important of which are: Madagascar, which is that the fourth largest island within the world; Reunion, Comoros, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles.

The Seas That Surround The Ocean

The ocean includes many seas, the foremost important of which are the bay, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman, the gulf, the sea, the Timor Sea, the Java Sea, the Mozambique Strait and plenty of other marine areas. its kind. Its strategic location because of its natural resources, additionally to several international transportation routes, it also includes: the Strait of Hormuz, the Strait of Malacca, the Bab al-Mandab Strait, the Sunda Strait and Lombok.

How is That The Indian Ocean Formed?

The formation of the Indian Ocean was the results of the southern Gondwana disintegration, and therefore the region began to disintegrate 180 million years ago thanks to its northeastern movement toward the Indian subcontinent (which began colliding with Eurasia 50 million years ago) and therefore the African continent, moving and evolving westward before the separation of Australia from Antarctica, 53 years ago. one thousand thousand years ago, this meant that the Indian Ocean formed in its present form about 36 million years ago, and was but 80 million years old.

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