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The Highest Peak Within The Swiss Alps

Written by Basant Fawzi

The Highest Peak Within The Swiss Alps

It is known that range are one among the massive mountains that withstand many various countries, as they extend the sea within the north to us from the northeast, and during this topic we are going to find out about the Alps formation and its highest top.


It is the one that represents the geographical, economic and social unity of the ecu continent, because it is an integral a part of it, and it’s suitable for human, animal and plant living.

The Alpine region is distinguished by its distinct mountainous regions, and it’s many water sources from which hydroelectric energy originates, and among its characteristics is that it produces wood in abundant quantities and it’s among the products of nature, and it also manufactures high-quality food materials.

The natural alpine regions, which are characterized by their biological diversity at high levels, are important uplifting factors for all the inhabitants of the ecu continent.
The Alpine chain reaches to eight countries together, inhabited by nearly fourteen million people, and therefore the number of its visitors is approximately 100 and twenty million visitors every year.
It is worth noting that there are main roads inside range of mountains with an estimated distance of over four thousand kilometers, and also the number of cars, which suffer the curved mountain roads to almost six million cars. As for plant and animal production, the Alps contain approximately 13,000 plant species, and 30,000 animal species.
It includes 550 hydroelectric plants that produce over ten megawatts every year, and an estimated 100 and ninety million heaps of goods pass from chain every year, via the Alpine road.

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The Alps represent the little a part of the discontinuous range extending from the Atlantic mountains of northern Africa through southern Europe and also the Asian continent beyond the Himalayas.

The Alps are located in south-central Europe, north of the coast of the subtropical Mediterranean near the town of Nice in France, and lengthening for about 700 miles and drawn within the shape of a crescent or curving of the southern French coast near Monaco to Switzerland.

The Alps also cross the Italian state within the north and therefore the countries near the north-east of France through Austria, and these mountains extend through the state of Slovenia, the Croatian state, the German state, the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, the Serbian state, until it ends within the Albanian state on the rugged Adriatic coast.
The highest place within the Alps is at the mountain peak point, which is found at an altitude of 4,807 kilometers, or approximately 15,770 feet. An estimated 1200 km.
As for the widest points between Grammisch-Pattenkirchen within the German state and Verona within the Italian state, the mountains are over 125 miles long, and therefore the Alps represent a reservoir of rain water for the Rhine and Rhone rivers, the Po, and therefore the Danube.

The Highest Peak Within The Alps

The Alps stretch to labor under many European countries like the Austrian state, land state, the German state, and therefore the Italian state. These mountains were formed quite 10 million years ago because of some differences within the earth’s crust from the within, and it’s quite 100 high mountain peaks, and among the foremost important These peaks include:

The Black Mountain

It is the very best peak within the Alps chain of mountains, and also the height of this summit to just about sixteen thousand feet above the surface level, and also the cut of the summit of Montenegro between the French state and therefore the Italian state.

This peak is legendary for its sports activities, which are held within the winter season, and is a sexy tourist destination for several foreign visitors.

Mount Rosa

It is one in every of the peaks of mountain range, which is estimated at a height of roughly 1,450 feet. it’s the second in terms of the peak of the peaks of the Alps, and it’s located between a people and Italian countries, which is that the highest peak within the Swiss Alps.
It is also called Mount Gonte Rosa or Mount Rose or the Pink Mountain, and one in all the foremost important features of this crown is that it’s completely covered with white ice, and there are glaciers in large numbers, and it’s a tourist attraction that pulls tourists from everywhere the globe.


It is one amongst mountain chain that takes a pyramidal shape, and is found near Mount Rosa, and is that the third highest peak within the Alps, and its height is estimated at approximately 14,690. one among the foremost important characteristics of this mountain is that the wind strength and speed are very high at its heights.

It is also characterized by steep slopes that make it an acceptable ski area, and it’s one in every of the tourist attractions that attract tourists from everywhere the globe.

The Highest Peak Within The Alps

Montenegro is one amongst the very best mountain peaks during this chain, and it occupies the eleventh place within the highest mountain peaks within the world, with a height of over 4875 meters above the surface level.

It is located between the Aosta Valley within the Italian state and Haute-Savoie within the French state. This place is extremely famous due to its weather changes, and it’s also one in all the favored places that a lot of people prefer for climbing and walking within the summer seasons.

In the winter seasons, it’s frequented by many tourists for the aim of skiing, and it’s worth mentioning that the primary session of the Winter Olympic Games was launched there.

The first ascent of its summit was recorded on August 7, 1786 AD by the famous mountain ice climber “Jacques Palmet” and Dr. “Michel Bacard”.
After this course, quite twenty thousand climbers were registered every year, and in 1946 AD, the Italian state, in partnership with the French state, began digging the tunnel linking them, which was opened in 1965 AD, which is 11 km long.

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