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Snake Island in Brazil

Written by Basant Fawzi

Snake Island in Brazil

Snake Island in Brazil, for lovers of travel and nature, attending to know the islands surrounding the town or country within the next destination is common, as for the adventurers, Algeria and dark places are the simplest destinations. Most people opt to avoid the evil of those islands and find out about them through channels like the National Geographic channel or through articles, and now have you ever ever heard of an island that has been ruled by snakes over other reptiles, let’s get to grasp that island during this article.

The Most Dangerous Places Within The World

The island of Ila de Quemada Grande, or because it is understood to some because the island of snakes or snakes, is one in every of the foremost dangerous places within the world, because it has been abandoned by humans, mammals, and kinds of insects despite its tropical climate thanks to the problem and danger of its terrain. it’s become a special island for snakes.
The island of Ila de Quemada Grande is found just off the Brazilian coast, and is estimated to be 93 miles aloof from the town of Sao Paulo. launch.
The absence of individuals or predators has allowed these reptiles to multiply in large numbers over time, despite the very fact that the world of ​​the island was classified as relatively small, meaning its area in kilometers is estimated at about 0.43.
The only witness that distinguishes that island is that the presence of a lighthouse thereon, that lighthouse was in-built the year 1909 AD, to warn the nearby ships that it had been built, which it had been recently controlled from a distance, and now this island is taken into account one in all the uninhabited islands.

One of The kinds of Snakes on The island of Ila de Quemada Grande

There are several kinds of snakes on it island, most notably the golden head or golden spear, although this snake is assessed as rare and endangered at the local and global levels.
Despite this, the golden-headed viper is that the dominant species on the Brazilian island of Ella de Quemada Grande, where there are between 2,000 and 4,000 golden-headed vipers.
The golden-headed snake is additionally the foremost dangerous type within the world, its bite results in the death of someone in about one hour, and if he’s lucky, its bite will cause him only renal disorder, and therefore the bite of this snake ends up in sloughing within the muscle tissue, also as gastric and brain hemorrhage.
Thus, it’s considered the foremost deadly type among its family of study snakes, which controls the mainland of the island. the most food for young golden spear snakes is centipede-legged, and therefore the young go after frogs and lizards on the island.
But the big golden spear snakes, especially women, go after migratory birds that pass the island in specific seasons, meaning that the island isn’t only dangerous to humans, but also to all or any living creatures.

But the Question Here is How Did These Creatures Get to The Present island?

There is a story of it quite 10,000 years ago from our time, as there was a part of ​​land connected to the island.
Then the water level rose successively, and this led to the isolation of that island and its complete enclosure, and every one the snakes were isolated with it, and with the event of living organisms these snakes evolved to suit the encircling environment.
And its defenses and ferocity evolved, with its name becoming the foremost deadly ever, killing what it hunts during a matter of minutes.

A trip to the island of Ila de Quemada Grande

The Island of Snakes, or because it is understood to Brazil and therefore the nearby countries, to the island of Ella de Quemada Grande, may be a real doom and a terrifying nightmare for those that think about approaching it.
Its atmosphere is one among the scariest you’ll ever find.
It is not only dangerous to humans, but also to any living creature that thinks of approaching it.
Before officially banning visits to it island, snakes had killed many tourists, indigenous people, or researchers who wanted to check them.
The Brazilian authorities have tightened and customarily banned flights to Ila de Quemada Grande.
Except for people who can obtain an officer permit from the govt., and this can be extremely difficult.
In special cases, researchers and experts during this field who don’t care about their lives and may risk them can obtain this kind of permit.
One of the conditions for obtaining a permit to go to Ila de Quemada Grande is that the accompaniment of a specialist doctor with each group authorized to go to.
This is to scale back the amount of dead and help those with snakebites there.
A regiment wouldn’t attend that island and return completely unharmed without a minimum of one or two cases that became.
Those entrusted with maintenance work thereon island are the Brazilian Navy.
Where they need an annual visit to the island for maintenance add the lighthouse, and to make sure its efficiency to stop ship accidents.

From the secrets of Ella de Quemada Grande

The facts and secrets that fill that island will never end, and that we will mention a number of them that everybody curious about you ought to know, like those places or the island in general: you’ll not be ready to find golden spear snakes anywhere within the world except thereon island.
Where the Ella de Quemada Grande is that the only home to 11 species of snakes within the world.
The island contains several species aside from the golden spear snakes.
Like the pephron dapsas, a species that lives on the island.
But this kind is non-toxic, and you’ll be able to find it in rainy places.
The island isn’t only the main focus of researchers and scientists. Or an obsession with the foremost famous stuntmen within the world, but it’s also the main target of the eye of traders and smugglers.
Where they risk visiting them and catching those snakes, which they placed on the black market. the worth of every of them reaches 10 thousand or 30 thousand US dollars.
Among the projects that failed miserably, is that the transformation of the island into a banana plantation land. this can be done through the Rainforest Cultivation Program by cutting and burning plants within the rainforest.
At first glance, the island is assumed to be the main target of tourists’ attention, thanks to its beauty and scenic nature.
It will be the right place to enjoy the beaches, the ocean water and also the rainy atmosphere of the jungle.

From the legends of the island of Ila de Quemada Grande

Certainly, the island, like other places, won’t be barren of legends and folk tales that circulate among people. and provides the place magic above magic, to be a fantasy place after you hear those legends.
One of the foremost famous stories about the island is that it had been inhabited by the steward and his family in a very very long time.
The poisonous snakes infiltrated his house and into the lighthouse through the doors and windows, and that they opened the lighthouse guards and straps, which led to their destruction.
There is another legend that that island was the destination of pirates perplexed.
And for fear of looting their treasures on every visit to them, they supply the island with some snakes to test on their possessions.
One of the stories about fishermen and sailors is that there was a fisherman with a ship who made a slip.
He went all the way down to that island so he might find what he could eat, and when he tried to select some bananas.
One of the snakes bit him several times on the thanks to his escape, and he died from those bites.

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