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Names of Restaurants and Parks in Medina

Written by Basant Fawzi

Names of Restaurants and Parks in Medina

Names of restaurants and parks in Medina. If you would like to travel to a restaurant in Medina, read this text first. during this article, we’ll provide you with the most effective and best restaurants in terms of food preparation, services and entertainment venues.

Names of Restaurants in Medina

If you’re trying to find the most effective restaurants in Medina, the foremost popular and good services, then during this article you’ll find what you’re trying to find about the most effective restaurants and parks in Medina.

1. Al Baik Restaurant

Al Baik Restaurant is taken into account one amongst the foremost important nutrition chains within the world, where it serves chicken and shrimp noodles additionally to several different and famous sauces. it’s considered one amongst the foremost famous and best restaurants that serve the foremost delicious nutriment. it’s also located on Abdullah Shaza Road in Madinah Al Munawwarah, Kingdom of Asian nation. It provides distinguished and unique services and is committed to providing everything that several customers are searching for and wish.

2. Sheng Yang Restaurant

Chengyang Restaurant is one among the foremost unique restaurants in Medina, it serves many Chinese dishes, and plenty of people prefer to eat Chinese dishes and recipes in it. It serves a range of delicacies and serves chicken and cashew nuts dough and has very thin branches and is found on King Abdullah Road near Al Noor shopping mall.

3. Swiss House Restaurant

Swiss home is one in all the foremost famous and exotic restaurants within the Kingdom, serving a spread of Mexican and American menus, the restaurant is understood for its quick service and rich experience. additionally to the wonderful staff, it also offers an outsized number of wonderful, quiet and comfy places, encompasses a unique and wonderful interior design, and serves the foremost famous and delicious food that everybody loves.

4. Arabesque Restaurant

Arabesque is one in all the foremost important and diverse restaurants, offering an outsized number of exquisite international dishes and cuisine. Among these dishes are shawarma, tender meat and kebabs, whether fried or grilled. additionally thereto, it also offers many pastries, sweets, various desserts, ice cream, and therefore the delicious Kunafa of the Levant, and is listed united of the foremost important and best restaurants in Medina.

5. Steakhouse Restaurant

Steak Restaurant is that the only restaurant to win the SITA award from the Saudi Tourism Authority. This restaurant is taken into account the most effective restaurant in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. additionally, this restaurant is known as a steakhouse because it serves plenty of meat, steaks and other delicious dishes. it’s characterized by providing top quality services to any or all distinguished and upscale clients. it’s located on King Abdullah Shaza Road on the third floor of the restaurants section of Al Rashid Mega shopping mall in Madinah.

6. Jazz Lounge Restaurant

In Madinah, Jazz Company provides all commercial services and is taken into account one amongst the foremost important leading companies registered within the Kingdom of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. it’s headquartered in Medina and encompasses a restaurant called Jazz that serves great drinks and food. It also houses a series of Jazz Lounge restaurants, and serves all food and beverages with clean and fresh ingredients. We are committed to providing an environment tailored to satisfy the wants of all families and youth. Located within the Al Barakah district of Madinah, it offers delicious meals and exquisitely decorated dishes, additionally as a singular hospitality experience.

7. Hardee’s Restaurant

This restaurant is one amongst the primary restaurants opened within the geographic region, geographical area and every one Arab countries. Where this restaurant expanded and spread widely everywhere the globe, not only in Medina, but all countries. This restaurant offers burgers of all sizes with different forms, like meals with fries and Pepsi or as a sandwich with none additions. It also offers lots of delicious food, so kids and families like to go there, they like to spend happy hours and take a look at a range of various international cuisines. it’s many branches round the world because it spreads in additional than forty countries round the world.

8. Hyderabad Restaurant

Hyderabad House Restaurant in Madinah is that the most famous biryani cooking restaurant and has vast experience in showing all the visitors unique flavors with all the flavors they like to eat. it’s one amongst the foremost important archaeological sites, and offers a large form of Indian food and meals, including the wonderful biryani. it had been also visited by an oversized number of tourists and pilgrims from India and every one over the planet, and this restaurant is found in Al Noor Mall.

9. Al-Fath Restaurant

Al Fateh Restaurant is appreciated by many of us for serving many typical authentic Pakistani foods. it’s famous in Medina, because it is commonly crowded and frequented by many Arabs, Asians et al. It features a spread of unique dishes, the foremost important of which are biryani, motai and wonderful spud dishes. Its food is sweet and available to everyone.

10. Restaurant dishes

The gourmet restaurant is one in every of the simplest and most delicious dishes, and offers many unique and most exquisite dishes. it’s one amongst the foremost important landmarks of Madinah and is found on Al Shuhada Street within the Red Tag area. it’s considered one among the most effective restaurants within the city. it’s one in every of the oldest restaurants serving Pakistani cuisine. additionally to serving various other dishes like Turkish kebab, fish, pancakes and other foods that others have always loved.

Places of Parks in Medina

The city encompasses a unique garden, unparalleled within the beauty and elegance of other places, crammed with the foremost beautiful views of the town, and stuffed with kindness and peace. So please don’t miss out on this unparalleled peaceful and fun experience.

1. King Fahd Commons

This garden is taken into account one among the most effective gardens within the city, and it’s the closest to the Prophet’s Mosque, because the garden area is approximately 4.5 kilometers. The park is characterized by thick trees interspersed with stunning views. it’s divided into several parts, a family area, a synthetic lake area, a youth area with various sports fields, children’s play areas, horse riding and other convenient facilities.

2. Prince Muhammed Garden

It is located in one in every of the foremost important places of entertainment in Madinah, and it’s also the foremost distinguished place, because it’s located in Mount Uhud, and its height increased its beauty, especially in the dark, when this scene becomes very beautiful. The remaining areas of the park are scattered everywhere, allowing visitors to enjoy the fresh air and pleasant weather, making it an important destination for families.

3. The Garden

It is considered one among the foremost beautiful and wonderful gardens in Medina that your eyes can fall on due to its picturesque scenery, where it’s famous for its rich flowers, wonderful colors and unique coordination. it’s great green spaces, including family seating and Spring Festival activities. The garden is legendary for its rich flowers and wonderful colors which magnetize everyone’s attention because it is beautifully and uniquely arranged with greenery and family lounge area.

4. Palm Garden

The Palm Garden is taken into account one among the most effective gardens, and it’s distinguished by its unique design with huge palm trees, which provides it more beauty. additionally to the fun games for the children that are so entertaining that you just won’t must worry about the tiny ones, the garden also has many tall palm trees, including unique seating areas. The park also hosts many events and festivals as a sort of introducing joy, pleasure and diversification, making it the foremost important and popular destination for urban families. there’s a children’s play area and a lay-by, which offers many activities and festivals, and also the talk is open 24 hours each day, seven days per week.

5. Mount Uhud Garden

One of the foremost beautiful gardens within the city that you just can visit, as this mountain is one in all the Islamic monuments that several people come to work out from round the world. it’s a famous paradise and a destination for city residents, especially within the spring. There are many markets nearby, which increases its importance and recognition, because it enjoys a privileged location at the foot of Uhud Mountain, surrounded by mountains and trees.

6. The Red Tourist Park For Animals

Al Hamra Zoo is one amongst the foremost famous parks within the city, and therefore the most visited park by all people round the world, because it could be a favorite of the many people. There are different animals, among the lovable green plants, so everyone will spend a special and enjoyable time during this garden.

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