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Masmak Palace and its Most Vital landmarks

Written by Basant Fawzi

Masmak Palace and its Most Vital landmarks

The uses of Al-Masmak Palace and its most significant landmarks, is one in every of the foremost important things that several of these curious about knowing the tourist attractions within the Kingdom of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are trying to find. during this article, we’ll list the foremost important information about Al-Masmak Palace.

Information about Masmak Palace

Al-Masmak Palace is one amongst the foremost important historical monuments within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. it’s an outsized fortress, built of soppy bricks in 1895. This palace is found within the center of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
Al-Masmak Palace is a very important tourist attraction. it absolutely was seized by King Abdulaziz Al Saud in 1902, so as to unite all the cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The seizure of the Masmak Palace is that the main reason for the transformation that occurred within the history of the dominion of Asian country, after which the country was unified again, so it’s of great importance to the Saudi people.

Why is it called Masmak Palace?

The name of the palace was initially the fish, and this word symbolized the fish with which the walls of the palace were built.
But after ages the word al-Masmak was distorted and it became called the Masmak Palace.

Masmak Palace uses and its Most Vital landmarks

Before knowing the uses of the Masmak Palace and its most significant features, it’s necessary to first know truth meaning of the word “Masmak”, that is, a high, strong and solid building. The Masmak Palace was built during the age of Muhammad bin Rashid. This was at the hands of Abd al-Rahman Suleiman bin Dabaan, who was the Emir of the dominion of Riyadh at that point. many of us wonder about the uses of the Masmak Palace and its most significant features. This palace served as a fortress for Muhammad bin Rashid, and was a military site to defend the state. But during the reign of King Abdulaziz Al Saud, it had been converted into a warehouse for weapons and ammunition, and so this palace was a historical landmark of the dominion of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There aren’t any sayings or narrations confirming that King Abdul Aziz Al Saud made Al-Masmak Palace a residence for him and his family, and it had been not made the seat of state either. King Abdul Aziz redeveloped an old palace within the prayer area in 1330 AH, and it became a seat of state and residence.

Masmak Palace Website

Al-Masmak Palace is found near the Deira market, specifically within the Deira neighborhood within the south of Imam Turki bin Abdullah Street. The Deira market was a market dedicated to selling clothes, jewelry, antiques, and gifts. The doors of the Masmak Palace are hospitable visitors from Saturday to Thursday, and dealing hours are from eight within the morning until twelve within the afternoon. And from four within the afternoon until nine within the evening, and Thursday of each week is allocated for family visits only. There are some tourist attractions near the palace, like the Abdul Aziz Historical Center, the National Museum, and also the Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque.

Sections of Masmak Palace

The Masmak Palace was in-built the standard Najdi style, and there are four of the conical towers that were round in shape, and also the height of those towers is eighteen meters. On each tower, there are places designated for throwing round the perimeter of the tower, and also the thickness of every wall is approximately one and a half meters. A tower was in-built the shape of a square, which was called the square. the explanation for this was that it absolutely was an impenetrable fortress, from which one could watch any attack by the enemies. The Masmak Palace had very thick walls of red bricks. Some small triangular windows were in-built those walls, for ventilation and lightweight, and when the palace was exposed to rain, the water was deflected through those windows. Al-Masmak Palace consists of nine gates, the foremost important of which is that the Thumairy Gate, which is found two thousand meters southeast of Al-Masmak Palace. there’s another gate called the tree, which is about 3.65 meters high and a pair of.65 meters wide, and an outsized opening was made during this gate. This opening was called “Khokha”, and this opening was intended for people to enter and exit without the necessity for doors. After entering through that gate there’s an outsized open courtyard, and on the left is that the mosque, which is to the north of the palm gate, which may be a square-shaped room. This mosque consisted of a prayer mihrab, and a few small openings within the walls and ceiling, for ventilation inside the mosque. On the eastern side of the palm gate is that the Diwaniyah room, or the Majlis room, which could be a rectangular room and contains a well inside. The water was drawn from inside this well through the bucket, a tool that was installed on top of the well, and it had been located within the northeast of the palace. one amongst the foremost important features of Al-Masmak Palace is that it contains high ceilings, and people ceilings were covered with palm trees and ethyl wood, and a good yard was built of concrete, which is a section within the center of the palace allocated for youngsters. Al-Masmak Palace includes an oversized courtyard surrounded by a gaggle of rooms. It also contains a staircase through which visitors can move to the remainder of the palace floors. There are three housing units inside the palace, one among them was designated for the residence of the ruler, the second unit was for the treasury house, and therefore the third was allocated to receive visitors and guests.

Masmak Palace Activities

When visiting the Masmak Palace from the within, visitors feel the smell of history, and lots of activities are held in it daily, like dances and musical and lyrical performances. Also, a moving-picture show is shown on the walls of the Masmak Palace, and this film tells the story of the building of the palace, the achievements of the royal line, and therefore the history of the dominion of Asian country. Recently, the famous Riyadh Season activities are being held inside Al-Masmak Palace, which takes place from the 11th of October until mid-December. the traditional features of the Arabia and also the wars that existed within the dominion of Asian nation appear on the walls of the Masmak Palace, and also the most vital thing that distinguishes it’s that it still maintains its good architectural condition. Although the Masmak Palace was built 100 and eighty-five years ago, it had been not suffering from any of the environmental factors.

Antiquities Found Inside The Masmak Palace

Inside Al-Masmak Palace, many antiquities were found that highlight the features of the battle that came about within the Kingdom of Riyadh, and also the most prominent finding is that the year of the spear with which Ibn Dhaban was killed. Moreover, a museum was found showing how the dominion of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was reunited again by the House of Saud. Al-Masmak Palace contains the first door of the palace, which had witnessed the foremost important events that materialized within the battle. The palace was developed under the supervision of the High Commission for the event of Riyadh and also the Ministry of Education. Al-Masmak Palace was opened therein period under the leadership of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, who was the Emir of the dominion of Riyadh at that point.

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