London Tourist City


London Tourist City

The city of London is one in every of the cities within which tourism is booming, because it has many huge tourist attractions that have made it among the tourist attractions that attract tourists from everywhere the planet, so we’ll present during this topic the foremost important landmarks of town of London.

London City

The city of London is one amongst the cities that pulls tourists from all countries of the planet, and it’s been able to win the title of popular city for tourists in recent years, thanks to its beautiful places and various creativity.

Where the visitor involves enjoy the charm of the wonder of its many landmarks, and also the other involves study its culture, and feel its art, while some visit it for recreation and entertainment.

General information about Town of London

London is that the official capital of England, where the cultural, political and economic activities of the entire of england are concentrated, and also the population is sort of eight million people, and it’s called town of fog.

Where fog appears round the city at over and over, and there are many places that the visitor seeks to go to continuously, like the famous theaters and museums like Madame Tissot Museum, called the Wax Museum, which is understood in English as “Madame Tussauds”, and also the Tate Britain Museum.
As well because the universities of London, including Imperial College London, which is the permanent headquarters of international and international organizations, which are mentioned in many international and Arab novels and plays, like the poet and writer playwright for its many advantages.
There are many rivers that withstand London, like the Thames, which is known for its great length.

The Most Important Sights in London

There are many tourist attractions in London, including the following:

Big Ben Clock

It is known in English as “Big Ben”, and it’s one in all the oldest watches ever, with a history of manufacture that goes back nearly 150 years, and tourists come to go to it continuously from all countries of the planet with the aim of seeing this huge place, and plenty of films have filmed it, which led to a rise in its popularity doubly so.

Westminster Abbey

It is known in English as “Westminster Abbey”, and it’s located within the side of the Palace of Westminster, and it’s one in all the foremost important places associated with the faith within the city of London, which was in-built the Gothic style. The Palace of Westminster, which is understood in English because the “Palace of Westminster”, which was inbuilt the 19th century, is now the seat of British people Parliament.

Buckingham Palace

Known in English as “Buckingham palace”, it’s the most residence of the house, where the kings and heads of state, further because the official receptions of the uk, are visited by tourists as a beautiful tourist destination annually.
The Tower of London, which is thought in English as “Tower of London”, was built by order of William the Conqueror in 1078 AD, and it’s one in every of the historical castles located within the center of country city of London, and was used as a jail at different times.
It was used as a weapons store during warfare I and II, although it absolutely was established as a seat of presidency at that point.

The British Museum

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It is known in English because the “British Museum”, and it’s one amongst the big and important museums within the world, because it was in-built 1753 AD, it contains large numbers of mummies outside the Egyptian state, and it contains the key to deciphering the hieroglyphs.

St Paul’s Cathedral

It is the cathedral known in English as “St Paul’s Cathedral”, which is that the second in size compared to other cathedrals in Britain, and it had been inbuilt the upper area of ​​London. it’s distinguished by its magnificent architectural designs within the British Baroque style, and it’s visited by huge numbers of tourists from inside and out of doors, because it could be a famous and important tourist attraction in London.

London Eye

It is known in English as “London Eye”, which is that the important person or wheel that spins within the air, which was completed within the year 2000 AD. it absolutely was announced at the time that it’s the most important rotating wheel within the world, and it also possesses a large popularity among tourists and visitors from everywhere, it’s possible for the visitor to ride inside it to enjoy the tourist attractions and also the beautiful views of town of London.

Natural History Museum

It is the museum known in English as “Natural History”, and it’s very famous, because it is visited by large numbers of all countries of the planet, where it displays natural sciences. Inside it there are many pieces and works of art expressing the history of the world within the fields of nature. The museum also displays the remains of structures and fossils of extinct dinosaurs.

London Tourist Cities

All cities in London have wonderful tourist attractions, which make it a tourist attraction and a source of attracting tourists each year. the foremost important tourist cities in London are:

Brent City

It is the town located within the northwest of the vicinity of London, which was founded in 1965 AD, and was called the town of Brent after the Brent River, one in every of the branches of the Thames River, and is characterized by the presence of the many religious tourist attractions, including St. it’s Wembley Stadium, which was in-built 1923 AD, and it’s the foremost famous stadium in London, because it is that the second stadium in size at the amount of European countries, because it can accommodate nearly 90,000 people.

Greenwich City

It is located on the southern bank of the river, and is distinguished by the architectural buildings that were built by the simplest British engineers in London, and it’s what distinguishes it from maritime history, because it is home to the Royal Naval College and therefore the Royal Naval Museum. and therefore the Royal Observatory, which was built by Christopher Wren after it had been ordered by the King of England, “Charles II.” the town of Greenwich also has the famous market called Greenwich, further because the water barrier of the Thames, which is that the largest flood dam within the world.

City of Westminster

It is the town in London, which is found on the northern banks of the Thames River, which is that the center of the West End region of London, which was established within the sort of a town in 1965 AD by merging some neighborhoods with one another.

It is an inner administrative town of London, and it’s elegant and ancient historical buildings that don’t seem to be compared to the other buildings in Britain, and its most vital landmarks are minster, palace, which is that the official residence of the Queen, and St James’s Palace.
It also contains the foremost important places for shopping, the foremost luxurious hotels round the world, and a few museums famous for his or her fine arts, additionally to the famous square referred to as Piccadilly, which is that the city’s most crowded intersection, making it one in all the foremost attractive places for foreign tourists.

Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea is an administrative royal city in London, located on the north bank of the Thames River, west of Westminster, which was established in 1965 AD, and is characterized by a royal character, because it contains the royal palace and plenty of consulates of various countries. This palace is one in every of the landmarks of town of Kensington and Chelsea, and also houses the museum referred to as the Albert and Victoria, and also the Scientific Museum. And also the Museum of the National Army, which is inquisitive about displaying the history of a people army since 1485, and incorporates a library with extensive reference, in addition because the spread of gardens in it, most notably Holland Park.

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