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Important Tips in Turkey and The Most Important Turkish airports

Written by Basant Fawzi

Important Tips in Turkey and The Most Important Turkish airports

Cappadocia Region

The Anatolian plateau, and also the region is characterized by huge volcanic mountain formations up to 40 meters high, in addition as tunnels and caves carved within the mountains and underground dating back to the Byzantine and Coptic eras, additionally to its overwhelming fame related to the abundance of balloons and riding them.

Termaleh Village

In Yalova, it’s distinguished as a middle for medical tourism in Turkey because of its hot mineral springs.

Mount Nimrod

Adiyaman Province, southeast Turkey, the mountain is distinguished by its royal mausoleum surrounded by huge, finely carved statues dating back to the traditional Armenian kingdom.

The Remains of Town of Troy

Located on top of Schliman Hill in northwest Turkey, the place that has been classified as a World Heritage Site is characterized by the bug, the symbol of the famous Greek epic dating back 4 centuries and was shown in several international films.

Alacati Town

The town of Alacati is one among the foremost attractive places for tourism in Turkey, especially for tourists from non-Arab countries.

Alacati Town

Alacati is found on the coast of the sea within the province of Izmir. Alacati is incredibly distinguished by its crystal-clear beaches, and therefore the practice of windsurfing and windsurfing by travelers.

It is also famous for its architecture influenced by classical architecture, because it was a Greek settlement within the seventeenth century.

The most important airports in Turkey

Turkey includes 102 local and international airports, but the foremost famous airports that serve Turkey’s tourist cities and receive international flights from everywhere within the world to the tourist areas in Turkey are:

Istanbul Airport famous for Ataturk International

One of the biggest airports in Turkey’s cities, named in memory of its first president, and therefore the most densely populated in Europe, the airport is found within the European section of the town and receives flights to Turkey from everywhere the planet. town offers bus trips every half an hour and other train trips from Aksaray to move passengers to and from the famous airport.

Ankara International Airport, famous for Esenboga

This airport serves the Ankara, Ankara, and is found near it; Only 28 km from its east. it’s been classified because the best airport in Europe subject to standards for building and equipping airports, serving several international destinations additionally to its domestic flights to other cities of Turkey.

Izmir International Airport referred to as Adnan Menderes

Ranked because the fourth airport in Turkey’s cities, frequented by travelers from everywhere the globe, with the aim of tourism in Turkey. The airport, which bears the name of former Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, is about 18 km west of Izmir.

Antalya International Airport

It serves the Turkish southwest regions, an outsized sector of Turkey’s cities, making it the country’s second largest airport in terms of the density of incoming and outgoing passengers. The airport is found 13 km from one in all the most effective tourist areas in Turkey, Antalya.

Trabzon International Airport

It serves one in every of the foremost important tourist cities in Turkey, which is that the city of Trabzon, located on the sea in northern Turkey.

Milas International Airport

The second international airport serving the southwestern sector of Turkey, specifically the cities of Bodrum and Milas, which are among the most effective tourist areas in Turkey. The airport is found within the middle of the space between the 2 cities, 30 km northeast of Bodrum.

The best time to travel Turkey

The weather within the cities of Turkey is split into 3 climatic zones:

It is characterized by atmospheric condition in summer, mild and rainy in winter and autumn.
Continental climate: the plateaus and plains like the Anatolian Plateau and also the Konya Plain prevail, and it’s characterized by hot, dry weather in summer, freezing cold in winter, and a small fall of rain and snow with a temperature difference between night and day during the year.
Black Sea climate: Istanbul encompasses a moderate, humid climate, abundant with rain and snow throughout the year, with some dryness during summer and a few heat during spring.
Therefore, the simplest times to trip Turkey are during the summer, spring and autumn seasons, looking on the region you would like to go to. Istanbul, Adana and other cities on the Mediterranean coast are best visited during the autumn and spring. As for the cities of the Turkish east, they’re better to go to during the summer and early autumn, while the coasts of the Euxine Sea are better during spring.

Turkey Visa

In order to jaunt Turkey for the aim of tourism, you wish to get a visa to enter the Turkish territory. you’ll be able to obtain it and buy it easily using visa cards after filling out a form along with your personal and travel information on the web site of the Turkish Foreign Ministry. you’ll be able to also comprehend after traveling to Turkey through one in all the interactive kiosks inside the airports themselves.

The Turkey visa gives you the chance to reside within the country for a period of 30 to 90 days, on condition that you hold a passport valid for six months after entering the Turkish territory. Turkey also allows an oversized number of international organisation member states to travel it with an card without the requirement for a passport or employing a passport that expired a year before the date of travel.

As for the fees for obtaining an electronic Turkey visa, it ranges between 15-20 dollars, aside from Canada, 60 dollars. As for the visa received at the Turkish border ports, it ranges between 15-30 dollars as a maximum, aside from Canada, from 45-60 dollars. The countries that are exempt from visa issuance fees are Kuwait, Malta and South Africa, while Mexico is barely exempt from electronic visa fees, not border ports, which value between 20-30 dollars.

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