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Austria Tourist Cities

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Austria Tourist Cities

Many tourists visit the various regions in Austria to enjoy the assorted tourist attractions that are scattered in Austrian cities, and during this topic we are going to find out about Austria’s tourist cities.


Austria is one amongst the distinguished European countries, referred to as the Austrian Republic. The capital of Austria is Vienna, which is geographically located at chain of mountains, with a part of ​​about 83.87 square kilometers. Its system of presidency could be a parliamentary federal republic. At the executive level, Austria is split into 9 regions, and also the official currency is that the Euro.

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Austria is found on the ecu continent, and it shares land borders with eight European countries, like the German, Italian, Slovenian, and Czech Republic. it’s shared with it from the north by the German state and also the Czech Republic, from the east by Hungary, from the south by Italy and Slovenia, and from the south by Switzerland.

Austria Geography

The Austrian country may be a small country in area, and it contains many mountainous heights that follow the Eastern Alps, amounting to approximately 75% of its total area, and it’s many glaciers, snow-covered fields, and snowy peaks. the peak of the high summit is approximately 3,819 meters, and there are many forests and lands full of trees by up to 40% of the full area of ​​Austria, and therefore the Danube River is that the main river for it.

Area of ​​Austria

The total area of ​​Austria is approximately 83,871 square kilometers, which is split into two parts, the primary part being a surface area of ​​82,445 square kilometers. The second section is represented by the water, which is estimated at 1426 square kilometers, and Austria occupies the 114th place within the world in terms of the most important area. The population of Austria, in keeping with statistics conducted in 2012 AD, is quite 8 million, and therefore the population density is about 100 people per square kilometer.

Austria’s Capital

Vienna is that the official capital of the Austrian state, the most seat of the many political centers and ministries in Austria, and also the residence of the Austrian president. Its population is approximately 1,691,468 individuals, it’s 193 meters above the ocean, and it’s located at 48.21 latitude and 16.37 longitude.

Austrian Language

German is that the official language of Austria, where it’s spoken by nearly 90% of the citizens, and therefore the people living within the province of Vorarlberg in Germany speak a dialect near that of nation people. The natives of Carinthia speak Slovenian, but the Burgenlanders speak both Croatian and Hungarian. Bavarian dialects are more prevalent within the remainder of the opposite Austrian provinces, and a few speak Czech, Slovakia and Poland within the Vienna Vienna.

Austria’s Best Tourist Cities

There are many tourist cities frequented by many tourists to go to their various tourist attractions, and also the most vital of those cities are the following:

The City of Salzburg

It is the capital of the federal state of Salzburg, and it’s one in all the biggest cities within the Austrian state, because it occupies the fourth place in terms of area, which amounts to 65,678 square kilometers. Its population is approximately 150,269 individuals, and at the geographical level it’s located on the banks of the river called Salzach. Specifically, its location is near chain from the northern side of its borders, and there are many tourist areas in Salzburg.


It is the official capital of the state of Tyrol, which has a neighborhood of ​​approximately 104.91 square kilometers, an altitude of 574 m above water level, and a population of roughly 120,000 people. this can be consistent with statistics that were prepared in 2011 AD, and at the astronomical level, it’s located on the longitude 11.38333 degrees east of the Greenwich line, and at latitude 47.266 degrees north of the equator.


This city is that the official capital of Austria, and it’s one amongst the key cities within the entire country, and its name means “beautiful identities”, and its area reaches about 414.89 square kilometers. the overall number of its residents is over a million seven hundred thousand people, per the statistics announced in 2014 AD, and its most vital tourist attractions are the following: St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Hofburg Palace. Imperial Library. Spanish school. Shenbrunn Palace. Imperial school. theatre. Imperial Hotel Vienna. Statue of Franz Seraph Peter Schubert. Some city parks like Stadtpark.


The city of Alpbach is extremely prominent everywhere the globe, and this causes its scenic beauty, because it is found on the sunny plateau among the mountainous heights covered with snow, and its streets are stuffed with wooden farmhouses, and also the population of this city is approximately 2,600 people. This city has been classified because the best Austrian city at the local level and European at the continental level thanks to its flowers, clean air, and exquisite scenic views. it’s also a tourist attraction because it is suitable for skiing within the winter seasons.

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