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Atlanta and its Attractions

Written by Basant Fawzi

Atlanta and its Attractions

Atlanta isn’t the simplest tourist city within the world and isn’t the foremost famous of them, but it’s a tourist destination and a tourist destination for several people during the four seasons of the year, where people from everywhere the globe head to it to enjoy the scenic views and therefore the wonderful climate, because the town of Atlanta contains lots of wonderful places And attractive and delightful, so we are going to address through this text to speak about the town of Atlanta and its tourist places.


Tourists mean to travel to the town of Atlanta because it contains plenty of attractive and delightful places, and this city combines the nobility of the past and therefore the beauty and class of this, and this glorious city has recently been ready to impose itself on the planet in many areas. And it had been ready to shine and flourish in several fields like commerce, industry, science and knowledge technology, and was also famous for providing the humanities, as this city includes a population of about 5.3 million people, and it’s also famous for its beautiful green places and also the pure, upscale atmosphere that a lot of tourists enjoy. . the town of Atlanta became famous when it had been ready to host the Olympic Games in 1996 AD, and from here town of Atlanta announced itself to tourists and from that day, town of Atlanta became a destination for several visitors and tourists everywhere the planet.

The Weather in Atlanta

Atlanta is characterized by an exquisite climate. it’s a semi-humid climate throughout the year within the four seasons of the year, that the summer is comparatively hot, the winter is somewhat cold, and therefore the spring is moderate and really pleasant for tourists, which is that the season during which tourists opt to move to Atlanta. The autumn season is extremely enjoyable, and it’s between heat and cold, which is what many of us prefer and most distinguishes town of Atlanta, and also the most characteristic of the weather is that it rains abundantly all told four seasons of the year, which supplies it a special and distinctive character for its climate.

The Most Important Attractions in Atlanta

There are many tourist attractions that combine the nobility of the past and therefore the great thing about the current within the city of Atlanta, so we are going to show you the foremost important and best places that tourists visit and tourists always favor to visit within the city of Atlanta, and therefore the most vital of those places are as follows:

Atlanta Arboretum

It is a awfully wonderful park and contains amazing attractive and picturesque views. This park is found within the center of town. it’s a state-owned park that was opened in 1776 AD with the aim of entertaining and entertaining people, and not for the aim of creating money and profit. Among its goals was to extend and preserve rare plant wealth and conduct research to develop rare plants. The garden was established on a locality of ​​approximately 30 acres, which could be a very large area. In 2004 AD, the park was completely developed by the govt within the city of Atlanta to be a large, wonderful and distinctive tourist attraction for all tourists round the world. Visits indicated that this park is visited by about 160,000 people throughout the year. The park was designed and developed wonderfully, to contain an outsized number of waterfalls, very rare plants within the world, and a special section for research and innovative agricultural nurseries by scientists, and variety of very comfortable and straightforward walking paths were designed to facilitate walking round the park. it’s also been allocated places to take a seat and luxuriate in the attractive scenery, and special bikes are allocated to move the elderly to roam and luxuriate in the garden, and a few special lights are providing broadcast a peaceful and comfy general atmosphere, so everyone feels calm and relaxed inside the garden.

Georgia Capitol

It is a really ancient building from the attractive past, and it absolutely was registered within the State of Georgia mutually of the archaeological buildings within the country. it’s characterized by the wonderful and amazing ancient architecture, and therefore the most significant thing that distinguishes it’s the golden dome, which was designed from pure gold foil, and this building includes variety of statues and stones very rare.

Children Museum

It is a specialized museum to entertain and serve children and help them develop their talents and help them innovate and make. it’s one among four museums that were allocated in Georgia for children’s services and development in 1988. But this museum was opened in 2003 AD and is meant for kids up to the age of nine years, and youngsters visit it to play and rejoice and watch interesting and academic seminars and theatrical performances to undertake to develop the abilities and talents of youngsters.

Doll arts Center

This center was established in 1988 AD by the biggest institution within the us of America to display and manufacture dolls, and it’s located in downtown Atlanta, and this center focuses on presenting live shows in an innovative and wonderful way through the employment of dolls. This show is suitable for youngsters and adults, and everybody is in a very state of abnormal enjoyment by watching these wonderful shows. This center also teaches visitors how and the way to form dolls using the items you have got reception.

Georgia Aquarium

It is a awfully large and unnatural place and edifice that houses a really sizable amount of dolphins, beluga whales and sharks and provides them with a fertile environment and H2O to measure in. it absolutely was also the biggest water city since its opening in 2005 AD, and this huge edifice contains a gaggle of ground passages. The bracelet, which provides a whole and distinct view for all visitors.

Olympic Park

It is a really large Olympic park owned by the Congress Authority within the State of Georgia, and it contains many places to practice the Olympic Games, and there are variety of wonderful and attractive places and there are a large number of fountains that are designed in an exceedingly very special thanks to make all the attendees amazed once they run. It also has some fireworks that are launched in times of annual celebrations and through national holidays, because it could be a special place visited by numerous visitors.

Water Park

It is one in every of the biggest water parks within the world and also one among the foremost famous. it absolutely was established in 1984 AD, as this park is visited by approximately 500,000 people per annum, a large number, which placed it among the foremost parks within the world that are visited by tourists. because the park contains an outsized number of big swimming pools, and in these pools there are some games that are suitable for adults and kids. Which makes all those present very enjoy being inside the park, which makes it a destination for a really sizable amount of tourists everywhere the globe.

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